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Trying to find out about your brother in law Ralph Lopes. My husband and I have been friends for 50 years since the Navy.Help.
Cher Gislason, Arizona
Amy is authoring a novel about her life with Phil. She's using a pseudonym and it is Jenna Tallia.
I am going to enter that 263 social security number into a known hacking site and lets just see how much we fukk you up Val...
Really admire your positive attitude, Matt. Everyone needs a little more Kuch. That's my mantra for 2017.
Kenneth a. Peterson, Indiana
I remember when this homosexual Aussie came out on tour. He was touted as the next big thing. Not Gonna Happen... he was just another gay Australian golfer who faked us all out of our shorts..or bikini briefs... Makes a decent living making about half the cuts. Does not win shit. Sucks some cocks to supplement his income. or is it in cum ???
Paulina Gretzky looks like her dad in a wig. Before the implants, she was a flat-chested girl with Wayne's face. Post-implants, she's a busty girl with Wayne's face. Either way, she's still Wayne in a wig.
Jesus. What a bunch of jealous-ass, anonymous, keyboard tough guys here. Dude was born in Phoenix and grew up in San Diego. Father was born in San Antonio. 17 seasons on the Tour, just picked up another victory and made $1.5M in about three weeks of play ... while you neckbeards pull your puds in your mom's basement. Carry on, haters.
Saw you and your fat ass son.. "Little John" during the father son challenge. Has he started drinking yet ? Sure Hope so.. This way he can grow up to be just like his fukkin Dad... A Loser...
He is a sham and a disgrace.  I cannot believe I once liked the guy.  I will root for a bad shot on every swing of his...
Now This guy is the King of all OPne Trick Ponies...After he won thee British Open what did he do as an encore ??? Yes..I'm waiting.???? See..the one trick pony... Just another flash in the pan.
Are you going to Akron in June with the homosexual contingent from Australia ? Allenby and Appleby will be there alogn with Aaron Badley and a whole bunch of Gay Mother Fukkers from Down Under !!!
Mack Suniga, California
Is Billy one of the proverbial One Trick Ponies we see on the PGA tour ? Hope not but you never know. Seems like he is a bit of a limp wrist to me. Walks like s homo, talks like a Homo...
Most Canadians come south when the weather gets cold. It has been mentioned that their Penis's shrink up due to the extreme weather up in Canada.
Bradley doesn't even try to win the midfield battle. He concedes midfield, and hangs out by the defenders so he doesn't have to get near anyone and look bad. The 4th CR goal is a good example of Bradley's shitty play. He lets the CR midfielder get his head up and play the ball over the top without any pressure.
Has he ever done raw anal sex with a drunk black woman...?
People with an eye for talent like yours is what hashe developed such a mediocre league in MLS and an unwatchable national team. Please pursue another pressure so each US league and theven Nats can all improve.
Adj say Donnie call Mr Weed today to kiss black ass
This scum bag is the typical Flash In The Pan...The ultimate One Trick Pony.A gayer cock sucker will surely be hard to finds.
Allenby and his Homosexual Sidekick Appleby.These two Gay cock suckers have totally re-defined what it means to be Gay. Fags forever hand i hand as they tour the Australian outback giving blow jobs to the native Aborioginee's...
Lucas will often sign autographs by saying... Fukk You..your friend...Lucas The Prick
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