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I vill bne shpending my vacation at Aushwitz witt sum of my fwiends..Zeig Heil Mein Traub...
Cock Breath, Everywhere !!
Wayne Pepper, Devizes Wiltshire UK
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This guy looks like he just finished his shift washing dishes.....
It has been quite some time since this God Awful cock sucker won anything. He works part time as an Uber driver, and part time flipping burgers at McDonalds. Makes about as much as he made on tour. One worthless cock sucking piece of feces.
Since this review was written many years ago, Rory has become a mother fukking piece of feces. Hated by nearly every one. Did not take long for this cock sucker to reveal his true colors. Just a first rate piece of shit !b
Works at a fast food joint during the week since he misses most cuts.Makes more money flipping burgers than he does playing golf. An all right guy personality wise..Liked by most golfers except Rory Sabatini who hates everyone.
Buy.Com tour... here I Come. I have sucked about every cock I can so I think I will move on. Hope you guys welcome me with open arms.
I honestly thought this mother fukker was actually taking a dirt bath.. you mean he is still above ground ?? How the fukk is that possible. Will someone from the middle east please shoot him.,
Get Bent you douche bag...
This piece of Mucus has just been inducted into the "Asshole Hall of Fame". Should have been done long ago. This mother Fukking scum bag deserves to have the shit kicked out of him and left for dead. He has pissed off more people than I can mention. Hated by nearly every pro golfer, this cock sucker has been a thorn in everyone's side for decades..Fukk You..Asshole..
This piece of Mucus has been inducted into the Homosexual Hall of Shame. Another gay golfer from Down Under.. Once tout3ed as the next big thing ion Golf..this cock sucker has devoted his time to just that...sucking cocks... that's what he does...and from what I have heard he is very adept at it. You Rock Baaads....
This piece of Horse Feces continues to amaze us all. Since his wife dumped him for a garbage collecting nigger he has been in a sort of funk.. He has paid for women to suck on his one inch chub, but that doesn't seem to help. Let's get Keegan and Rickie to induct him into the Homosexual Gold Hall of Shame.
What is more harmful to children, letting them watch Michael Bradley play soccer, or jabbing them with mercury and aluminum filled vaccines?
Keegan here...Rickie..don't forget about Akron Ohio. It's Gay Pride month and you and I are supposed to be the co-hosts for this years festivities. I'm wearing my grey knit dress with the Taupe stockings and grey heels.
garyketler, calgaryalbertacanada
Bill Boukalis, Pennsylvania
Reply-to: Now we're talkin'. Between Adj and my 3/5th's.....and your 2/5th's, we almost got ourselves a real walkin talkin nigger.
I hope they find him dead in a motel with his oversized putter shoved up his ass.
Did he divorce the golddigger??
I bought the cat didn't know what to call him. Found here full list male cat names of names for cats.
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