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It was a total pleasure not seeing you at the U.S. Open. Several of the leading players also indicated how enjoyable it is to play without this piece of shit complaining about everything. Fukk You Phil...
What a great site. I've been searching far and wide for others who feel the same way about DL III. Can't believe what a fag this guy is...and a pussy.
He just gave the Nazi salute after sinking a putt
Is it true Nick and Amber are separated?
A former member at large from the gay and lesbian contingent of golf professionals.
The proverbial one trick pony. This homosexual piece of shit won twice and pocketed some serious coinage. He used his proceeds to purchased a sizeable amount of cocaine and marijuana, which he quickly consumed. Had to sell his house in north Florida and moved into a mobile home park just south of Jacksonville. Performs oral sex for the old and retarded guys in the park. A first rate cock sucker.
I believe Mark is on the Senor tour by now. His homosexuality ran its course on the regular tour and now he will ply his fag trade with the older guys and their shrivelled up cocks...unable to produce as much semen as the regular tour homos.
cab I see a naked man
Just take a look at this asshole's face. Does he or doesn't he look like the gayest thing you have ever seen ? This mother fukker has had more cocks in his mouth than even Phil or Keegan.
This Guy is probably the Gayest of all the Homosexual golfers on the PGA Tour...Gayer than Phil...Gayer than Ian and Stewy. Sucks more cock and gives more hand jobs than all of these Homos..combined. His Lesbian Aunt Pat from the LPGA Tour was famous for Cunnilingus. Keegan has surpassed her as a real fag.
You think Bradley owns a hair brush
Jaclyn Sanders...and she is definitely a first rate bitch and a cheating ho. Her husband has no idea that she sleeps around. She had a 36C back in the day, then had a child and they flattened out and damn near disappeared. She had a boob job and she is now back at a 36D. Her husband,Shawn, has no idea what's in store for him. She's bipolar, mentally ill, and sleeps around. Shawn will learn the hard way, lots of guys have had a hole in one with her.
Reagan Stockstill, Mississippi
Adj say no Weeds Make Gulf and America again great
Hi Bubba...Linda Olsen here. I was just in the process of getting fingered by my boyfriend when I thought of how much i would enjoy having you Fukk me in the Ass.
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Hi Rickie, my name is Marie and I have rather impressive breasts. Would you like to suck on my tits Rickie? Call me when you can My number is 386-566-0877. I live i9n Florida.
I just joined the fan club and am appalled by the comments on the fan blog! Do people really have to use such foul language to express themselves and besides that I expected to see positive comments as it is a Fan Forum!
Linda Lorraine Olsen, Camrose, Alberta , Canada
Clumsy shemales transexual sexy pics transxual sex shemaile sex videos shamale
seven wins in sixteen years. No majors. Lots of non-contending Top Tens. Most overhyped dork in the history of the PGA Tour. I hate this nerd. He's a total dweeb.
Ah... Anonymous people hating on gays and acting like hardcore bullies. Never gets old <3 Did you all get a gay experience as teenagers and regret it to the point you need hatred in order to heal the wounds?
Wish he was gay....soooo hot!
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