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What he do badly no good
Ass is 11:58's mouth.
So, I am here watching the World Cup, thinking , "We would probably be there if it weren't for Michael Bradley's horroble captaincy of the USMNT.
Curtis still sucks
Boy this forum should take off after his God-awful commenting on the Shinnecock USGA telecast. He simply cannot shut up, sounds like a total idiot, and obviously thinks he knows more than everyone else. If he's doing color commentary, the color is puce.
The Cheating Drug Addict looked shitty today. But that only makes Homo Vet, the AIDS boi, want to lick his nigger asshole even more.
Kathry Gimelli, Manhattan Beach, CA
How is your transexual wife doing "BUBB" ?... and do us a favor you homosexual piece of shit... open that top button on your fukking shirt..That makes you look even gayer er than you really cock sucking pile of shit !!
Joe Vocca, USA!
Is Harpo loving being a big sister?
Cunt Ripper, Rye
Shut up vet
Here's hoping the Enbrel causes side effects, which require more drugs, which cause more side effects, which require more drugs, which cause more side effects, which require more drugs, which...
Fukk You Lucas..You Douche Bag !!!
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17:51 is a online troll very gay to
bunch of fags in here
this guy is a asshole to kids
Bonnie Goebel, San Jose California
Dustin johnson is turning out to be like an older version of anthony kkm
Cheryl Darden, Arkansas
How in the hell does a kid in his 20's have a double freeking chin?
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