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About ten years ago I played in the p[ro am at the Arnold Palmer Invitational in Orlando. We had just finished opur round and Arnold was greeting everyone on the eighteenth green. Right behind us was a foursome that included Rory Sabbatini. Arnold turned and whispered to his friend. "Now there's one big ass piece of shit" referring to Sabbatini. Arnold literally liked everyone...except this cock sucker.
Hoot Mon. I dinny know ya Mum was such a fukkin fine piece of ass. I pumped her several times. Aye Laddy.. she has a fabulous Pussy. You bet.
s h i t c u n t
I believe all the others are Closet Nazi's...Bernny Baby is growing a little mustache just under his memorialize his favorite all time hero...
The same Sean O'Hair who performed in WWE? he was great had a cool swanton bomb and the Natural Born Thrillers were great Http://
Sean O'Hair the former wrestler who wrestled in WCW and WWE? the guy that was apart of the wrestling group the Natural Born Thrillers with Mike Sanders, Shawn Stasiak, Mark Jindrak, Reno, Chuck Palumbo, and Johnny The Bull? That guy? He was married to Joy from 05-07 and he didn't have any kids rest in peace to Sean O'HaireHttp://
You scumbag. You make me loathe you with your pharmaceutical ads and your ugly look. How dare you support Big Pharma, you sonuvabitch.
How's Harpo their daughter?
Michael Bradley voted one of the most overrated players by his peers two years in a row now. Probably, alot more would have voted for him being underrated but for fear of retribution from the Bradley shill army.
You think this scum bag has a chance? I am betting on Bugs Bunny...Fukk You Asshole...FUkk You !!!
I'm betting on Gary again this week. And for my second choice this time I'm taking Bill Hass. I think they will make each other play well the first two rounds.
Daniel dzurnak, boca raton, fl
want and interesting read.go to this story and get a real laugh.
Gary Ketler her from Alberta Canada. Just thought I would update you on my life as a Homosexual/transvestite. I spend a lot of time masturbating while wearing stockings and four inch high heels. I also enjoy sucking on the cocks of small young boys. Remember me. You just may see me in the headlines of your local paper...for child molestation...Bye !
Paraphrasing what you just said. Go Fukk Yourself...
She's nuts trust me
Nice 3 putt you f ing faggot
I vill bne shpending my vacation at Aushwitz witt sum of my fwiends..Zeig Heil Mein Traub...
Cock Breath, Everywhere !!
Wayne Pepper, Devizes Wiltshire UK
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