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17:51 is a online troll very gay to
bunch of fags in here
this guy is a asshole to kids
Bonnie Goebel, San Jose California
Dustin johnson is turning out to be like an older version of anthony kkm
Cheryl Darden, Arkansas
How in the hell does a kid in his 20's have a double freeking chin?
Mike Weird is the ultimate choker, 0 for 10 after having the 3rd round lead & of course handing the Canadian Open yo V.J. Singh in one of the greatest collapses of all time! Bravo Mike!
He has about as much class as a rock!
This site is withering like a prune.
Bradley has a strong personality? He has NO personality. Have you ever heard him speak? He talks like English is his second language.
Jack Hawley, Elkton, fl
13:34 is one of those queers
Van der Walt
Loudmouth,entitled Dbag!
I agree about the Gary McCord comments. I am a scratch golfer born in Georgia and have always loved the Masters. Since 1994, the year they banned him largely part of Watson's persistence as well as the comments, l have despised both Watson and those pricks that run Augusta.
I’ll play you anytime for 100000 dollars and I will use rental clubs and no caddy, no yard book, no green book nothing! I WILL out play your ass!!!! Anytime wuss!
Josh Downing, Austin, TX
Charlie Kronschnabel, Michigan
Omg. Is it true Nick bankrolls the entire Watney family and Nick's mom can't stand Amber???????
Too long without a nasty comment about this idiot.
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