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Nice list of tools for Social Media marketing. Most of them are completely unknown for me, I will definitely try them. Thanks for sharing it with us.
Please i need help wit my football carrier dis my number pls -07036308754
Liverpool fans killed 39 people jft39
Why did he look so pathetic after scoring goal 100 cos he realises how crap he is
rouzmeiyh, windhoek
Yes he is good at hiding it but he cheats on every girl he has ever been with. Plays the good guy very well but he is ruthless and discards them as soon as he is done - happened to my friend
im calling him to barca. you heard it here first
Park JI sung sucks ass
Danielle Green , Newcastle
Simon Poyser', Nottingham
What's going on ladies? I'm counting on you all for some info and am I to believe that no one has had anything to say in over a week?! Don't tell me our Tim is actually behaving himself!
Amy challender is Ryan's ex girlfriend she got pregnant by a guy called Gary price . Amy no longer dates ryan . The relationship ended .
He's not thick u know and he's cool person to be around
I heard they employed a builder in Dublin who was shagging the foreman and his sixteen year old nephew in the house during the build
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Brent Brams, belgium, wuustwezel
Olivier Giroud Sucks
Average defender at best
Still with the lapdancer 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Isabella mansilla, Canada
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