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Isobella madden, Louth, lincs , uk
Horrible fat mess that’s stripper is at the Bradley awards tonight.. Surprised he’s embarrassed himself still being with her. must be shagging the full time nanny they have aswell as everyone else 😂 she knows he’s cheating but doesn’t leave cos money and she doesn’t have to look after her own child. What a disgrace of a mother
Chris smalling is rubbish can't believe that he gets picked . He's not progressed at all
He's dating me
I’m Daneille. I love this boy, I was gutted when he left my Newcastle. Was by the far the best looking player at Newcastle reminded me of a young Max Branning. Hmmmmm cheese!
Danielle Green , Newcastle
Danielle Green , Newcastle
Danielle Green , Newcastle
Danielle Green , Newcastle
Danielle Green , Newcastle
Danielle green , Newcastle
Danielle green , Gosworth
Is he single
He can't even catch a single cross...he's Dracula.
David Ware, Birmingham
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Still cheats
Stefan Slawinski, London
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Holly Cattrell is the ginger piece
Question for any of Alyssia’s friends on here: Is she going with Tim to Tom and Rachael’s wedding next weekend? She usually comments on JD’s insta but hasn’t lately so I wondered if they were even still involved. Just curious as Tim seems to be travelling and spending a lot of time with family lately.
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2QoWXQ website yourself or did you hire someone to do it for you?
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