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Anthony Giansanti there is a beautiful young lady who works at Floyd's and she is smitten. I thought there's a possibility. Meeting Victoria may just be one of the best days you'll have.
More like a big Batch of Suckcup. Thanks for F-ing up and losing that game against the Rockies. Seriously douche, you have the worst-looking delivery and pitch location of any leftie pitcher in the MLB. Your entire pathetic repertoire consist of throwing far out of the strikezone and into the dirt. How you're even in MLB, let alone the Dodgers is a mystery, but then it's because of Money Balless, bargain basement dumpster-diving aholes like Andrew Friedman and Farhan Zaidi that you even have a job to desperately cling onto. Go F yourself, you no-talent bum
Mike Awesome was and still is and will forever be the most awesomest professional wrestler of all time. Rest in peace Mike AwesomeTwitter @WWETwitter @MLWTwitter @belNSportsUSATwitter @japwrestlingTwitter @HulkHoganTwitter @LindaHoganTwitter @nickhogan4realTwitter @MizzHoganTwitter @RealKevinNashTwitter @SCOTTHALLNWOTwitter @TheRealXPacTwitter @ShawnMichaelsTwitter @TripleHTwitter @StephanieMcMahonTwitter @VinceMcMahonTwitter @shanemcmahonTwitter @Linda_McMahonTwitter @SBALinda
Michael Lee Alfonso, better known as Mike Awesome was an American professional wrestler who was best known for his work in ECW, WCW, and briefly in WWE. Twitter @WWETwitter @MLWTwitter @belNSportsUSATwitter @japwrestlingTwitter @HulkHoganTwitter @LindaHoganTwitter @nickhogan4realTwitter @MizzHoganTwitter @RealKevinNashTwitter @SCOTTHALLNWOTwitter @TheRealXPacTwitter @ShawnMichaelsTwitter @TripleHTwitter @StephanieMcMahonTwitter @VinceMcMahonTwitter @shanemcmahonTwitter @Linda_McMahonTwitter @SBALindaTwitter @Notes:Alfonso was the cousin of Hulk Hogan's nephew, Michael "Horace Hogan" Bollea.
monica puig
Man, do I hate this guy. Comes into a 9-0 game against Baltimore in the 9th inning and couldnt even complete the shutout. Shreve, Smith, Mitchell, and Gallegos always give up runs in the 9th inning of blowout games. None of them show much.
His Wife is my dads cousin
Alex Wood is an asshole
Yes, he's engaged. I'll be attending his wedding in november
time for Arecenio Leon to join his equally sucky countryman Tinkerbell Sanchez in Toledo- Tiger's need to clear the slate and rebuild the bullpen!!!
She's from my hometown, can't image what happend but they got a divorce.. I think it was final 2015 or like Jan 2016... Never heard why
Found him on tinder.. Dude is so thirsty.
Who the fck is this wannabe major leaguer and how the fck did he make the postseason roster for the Dodgers?
Would like to know if Ender is married or has a girlfriend?
He doesn't have a girlfriend right now.  He has a kid with his ex-girlfriend in Holland.He's known to use dating sites online when he goes to where he's assigned.
The S in Zachary S Lee stands for suckitude. 0-8 in his last ten starts. Basically batting practice for the opposition. On the plus side I hear he smiles a lot?
2009- Tara Still, Chickasha, Oklahoma
Inapproriate commentt
Kevin Munson is one of those desperate players you sign on to your team hoping it will stop the bleeding only to see him hemorrhage more runs and a sure victory becomes a horrific loss. 
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