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The gorilla just kicked a guy and then was shocked when he got a red card. He has no impulse control AND no talent. Just a thug and goal hanger.
F6afHd Thanks-a-mundo for the blog.Much thanks again. Awesome.
Its not over until it is over
Giant Silva was one of my favorite Brazilian pro wrestlers Twitter @TaynaraContiWWETwitter @cezarbononi_wweTwitter @adrianjaoude
Paulo César Da Silva was a Brazilian natioanl basketball player for the Brazilian national team, and he's also a former mixed martial artist and a professional wrestler who is better known by his ring name Giant SilvaTwitter @TaynaraContiWWETwitter @cezarbononi_wweTwitter @adrianjaoude
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check @brazilyoga on Instagram that is who he was dating the whole time he was in Germany playing. he is notorious for cheating on his wife his whole career
he is married and he has 2 kids
How many factions has Miguel been apart of and which ones is he currently apart of
Miguel "Ortiz" Molina is a professional wrestler of Puerto Rican descent from New York City. He's currently signed to Impact Wrestling and is a member of the Latin American X-Change faction. I've heard him mention recently that he's single and as far as I know he doesn't have any kids.
She posted the baby... not the cutest baby
so glad he isn't on this world cup team
He screwed Argentina in the World Cup, trash
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Reply-to:This player sucks!!tbh, he's useless
Let’s be serious, Chicharito is pretty bad. He missed several key opportunities in the game against Germany!! He has no touch, lacks skill, super inconsistent with his play. The only thing he has is speed, he’s all hype. Oribe Peralta would be a better piece in that forward position. He has way more cohesiveness with the other players. Mexico would be much better with Peralta in the striker position.
Yes- absolutely
It’s not billie he hasn’t been with her for couple of years now. Billie dates another footballer now they seem well suited.
Landon Donovan always talks like he's on the moral upper ground but, he sold out to Wells Fargo and then tried to justify his position with a dumbass remark that tried to race shame a former teammate!
Where on earth is Katlego nowadays? He Seema to have fallen from the radar
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