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Well, he is quite trash. He's a tall motherf**** that doesnt move a leg even if his moms best friends bumblebee depends on it. He doesn't even know how to score some nice quality goals, he is only making Liverpool a worse place
The sharp cheekbones that cuts like a knife. Yeah the one you falsely create with contouring. What's wrong with menaye's mouth? Or must it be burnt to look sexy? Call her anything you want but UGLY???????? Naaaaa that will be hating.不不不不不 now move along little girl. Show is over and your time is up. Keep trying to look relevant
Dulari hembram, bhubaneswar
Hes married to mimi now. End of story
Thulani Serero
He sucks for Man City
Until he goes home to Amsterdam Reply-to:Mrs. DeJong letting all the ho*s know on the gram LOL!
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MTL Impact could do better without him.
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Same mistakes again n again. Bauza sucks as good as higuain does !! No worth for Argentinian team !!
his head shines more than he does as a player.
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He is awesome and doesn't suck.
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Bruv,Ok we have heard u ...untill u decide to actually do something with these audios and videos in ur possession, u can sit back and SHUT UP cos u are beginning to sound like a broken record,and whilst u are at it , pls work on ur grammer cos its very annoying when someone with no sense in their head types so many things and i have to read it like 2xs to get meaning. all this time u waste , why dont u go n polish ur english ? u would be adding value to urself u know. u are not wise at allim so erked
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People his name isn't Suarez its Vamp
Yes David Silva has a girlfriend i have seem them together occasionally and she accompanies him in some matches, she is petit and very pretty but very skinny, if you talk to her she is friendly, i like her !!!! 
Messi and Ronaldo can both go suck Neymar's monster penis
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