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I will admit Buffon is legendary and he deserves a spot in the hall of fame... but he is 40 fracking years old. He’s a dinosaur. It’s time to wake up and hang up the gloves, pal! I mean he just stared at Ronaldo’s bicycle kick during the champions league last week. He had a good save prior to Ronaldo’s kick but come on, you’re a veteran goal keeper playing in your last champions league. There was no effort. It was almost as if Buffon was throwing the game. He did the same bullshit last year in the final. He WAS great! But now he is washed up. He needs to retire.
lampard pshh more like lampsucks
I think I went to school with her she lived with her family on chapel town road didn't she?
sergio ramos sucks hard
black people have no rights
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Hello. And Bye.
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Sergio aguero
This dude sucks!
yep, he sucks. What's the point of a 75 million euro signing if his partner is such garbage.
Lol at Carina and her bible updates , where was God when you had a Bentley? Where was God when bae had a job ?
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Daniel Sturridge
Who is the Gf?
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