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Strikes out way too much for a "star".
zwkhgtnmof, New York
What a pos this guy is he fukking sucks reds love players like this
Beth Avera, Grand Bay Alabama
it's Bradley Gregory James Jr.
Jaidyn, California
I second this statement. They are true twin flames. Those who are at a certain frequency (can enter 5D and higher) see it with their third eye, feel it to the depths of our being. The two of them lift off into the cosmos when they are together. Those who are at the opposite ground level frequency are profoundly triggered by their connection and hence the response to Bradley/Angel/Gwen/Arthur... seeing them together on screen is SO polarized and the negative runoff... is so vitriolic in nature. It's part of the Collective Healing right now that Bradley and Angel are orchestrating (their time together on Merlin was the 3D catalyst, the other 90% of it is at the soul level and much of it subconsciously). Most twins are in separation right now, as they are and may be for a long time, and it is very necessary separation, and we all need this time apart desperately, working on our own healing journeys.... perhaps in relationships with soul mates along the way. Reply-to:I believe Bradley met his true love on the set of Merlin in the form of Angel Coulby, and she also. The Director commented on their unusual tenderness towards each other in the scenes. the camera was able to capture it on film. It is rare as is true love. neither actor may have realized it nor know how to handle it. they may be doing the best they can to avoid it deal with it. When it happens, it is very powerful,spiritual and frightning They are very young in a superifi career and world. I hope and wish them well. When odds are against them , and jealous rages and evil comments surround them they must keep their lives as private as they can.
altuve's girlfriend
So you know them well enough to know how happy they are right.  Again, hold onto that if it makes you feel better BUT they are not.  Nor would you have any way of knowing what's happening in their lives other than what they present.Based on that...there is no Eddie and Angel.  Personally speaking they are not even friends.  Based on his passive aggressive behavior towards her, I think he has hard feelings...regardless of what their relationship was.  
You're all wrong but that's ok
Charlie Adams, Toronto, Canada
I don't know who this is, but he's got a cool name. Whit Merrifield! Hahahaha
This cheater had two girlfriends at same time. He played my friend but she was to smart and found out. So ladies be careful he's good at lying but not that good at covering his tracks.
Learn English nigger
Looks like Satan ... pitches like crap. **In no way does this mean he sucked for the entirety of his career although his cup of coffee with STL could have been better. This season with Tacoma ... put him into a situation and he struggles. Not comfortable on the mound.
Good hugger
My friend
I have his number
Looking forward to reading more. Great blog article. Really Great.
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