Talk-Sports Membership

Talk-Sports is now entertaining premium memberships. This is being done in order to reduce the amount of inappropriate comments on the website.
Membership Posting Limits View IP Addresses Hide Your IP Address Delete Posts Preferred Support Price
Anonymous Yes No No No No Free
Registered Yes No Yes No No Free
Bronze No No Yes 10 per month Yes $9 monthly
Silver No Yes Yes 40 per month Yes $19 monthly
Gold No Yes Yes 150 per month Yes $29 monthly
Buy More Deletes. For existing bronze, silver and gold subscribers only. 150 more for gold. 40 for silver. 10 for bronze. Yes $29
Platinum No Yes Yes 1000 per month Yes $59 monthly

You will also be required to create a password. When both the password and membership are created, then we assign the membership to the password. This can take a few hours.

In the future, we will be releasing the following member-only services.

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