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She is amazingly strong spirited!Yes in heartbeat I would!
She's gay as f*ck
Her ex be real thirsty online with this female from Canada, she's too pretty for him imo. He made a sexist comment about how women should stay away from Basketball and leave that to the men. It was a shot at a woman who was commenting on an NBA game and he felt she didn't know what she was talking about, but still the nerve of his little self talking cras=zy like that when he was Engaged to a woman who played Basketball. He's proving himself to be an Ain't Sh*t dude. She was right to leave him.
My brother Isaac dated katie Douglas
She hoping through a divorce to her husband Damien Barling.
Her ham wallet smells like Kung pao shrimp
Doris elmore, west Virginia
Kathleen Brieske, Diamond Bar, Calif.
this site stinks!
Morris smith, Memphis Th.
kenneth kanarek, florida
she is cute, adorable and it's a real turn on that she's a jock. I met her once and shook her hand, and she seemed so sweet. I love short girls and she would be the ultimate girlfriend to have.
F uck u cunt, you suck!
Briann January
She's lesbian
I would date her. She looks a lot like my ex wife.
s she mad fine she need to swing my way
Kevin Durant's Full Court Harem
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Billie Underwood, Birmingham, Alabama
f ucken courtney suckstupid cunt
Stupid fat cunt, learn how to shoot u f ucken fat bitch
I would love to meet Dawanna. She has so much class and she really looks nice when she dresses up. She is very cute and sexy. I also am from Birmingham so Dawanna I would love an opportunity to take you to lunch or dinner.
learn how to shoot u cunt
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