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Did you see that blown call on hardens 3 pointer. This guy is obviously in the take by the mob. No one is that fricking horrible. The only excuse could be he is taking money to throw the game. The NBA sucks!!!
Amazing player
I hate listening to is blabber, it sucks watching games he broadcasts, why is he even there HE SUCKS
Murray sucks again
zach hyman may be the worst first line player in the history of the NHLthis guy is a fkn disgrace, all he can do is forecheck. he cant move the puck, he cant pass pass, he cant even skate.we have so much depth at forward on toronto and this fkn garbage man is playing on the first linehe isnt even an ECHL level player its a fkn disgrace to the toronto maple leafs organization
Of course he is gay. Had fake wives and girlfriends
How can this scumbag possibly have a girlfriend
Is this the same Nabil Glenza from over on I've heard he is a bad landlord and can only assume not a great boyfriend
Dave, where are you? Steve Walsh.
I thought he played good.  He knocked out some of the best in the tournament.
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Corey sucks for air.What a HUMP!!
Very happily married
Amazing player
poker stud
do u want to go out
Overpaid and seems to be arrested in development.
Nobody cares who he's sleeping with now, trying to compare any girl to lily is a losing situation
does he have a wife I thought he was gay
jan wochna, england carlisle
Well I don’t know if he does but I’ll take him
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