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Because they good looking couple
Michael is not gay i love him he is very handsome.....and NOT GAY ok?...idiots
mackenzie.watson, ex. bay minette
I am 10 year old girl. love your movies and your fashion. I love chunky bride.  
heavenly spirit ankrum, caldwell idaho
No he is definitely gay, who said gat people aren't nice
Tim Miles sucks
Mike Sanders the wrestler right? Yea he was good, Natural Born Thrillers with him, Mark Jindrak, Shawn Stasiak, and Sean O'Hair, and Chuck Palumbo, Reno, and Johnny The Bull...great team that was Http://
Michael Edwin Neil Sanders the wrestler who wrestled in WCW and WWE? he was married to a woman named DeLana and they've got two kids, a son named Kenneth and a daughter named Alexis. I remember back when he was with the Natural Born Thrillers, they were awesomeHttp://
Eric Young the Canadian wrestler from WWE's NXT? That same Eric Young? That guys awesome can't wait to see SAnity appear on the main rosterHttp://
Jeremy Fritz aka Eric Young aka EY the wrestler best known for his time in Impact Wrestling, and WWE? The Canadian guy who's currently in NXT and apart of SAnity with Nikki Cross, Killian Dain, Alexander Wolfe, and Sawyer Fulton? That Eric Young? The guy who was apart of Impact Wrestling's version of nWo Wolfpac with Kevin Nash, and Scott Hall? Same guy who was apart of World Elite? That EY? He's married to ODB that female wrestler ??? Na I know that was only in storyline I'm not sure who he's in a relationship with or if he's even in one.Http://
Carol Weaver , California
Scott Levy aka Raven was cool as hell back what about me what about Raven..classic
Scott Levy aka Raven the pro wrestler best known for his work in WCW, WWE, ECW, and TNA? He's been married to Abigail Wilder since 2015
Steve Anderson aka Stone Cold Steve Austin was one of my favorite pro wrestlers growing up
Steve Anderson aka Stone Cold Steve Austin the retired pro wrestler best known for his work in WWE?
I don't know much about Michael Foley but I know about his dad Mick Foley he's great he was one of my favorite wrestlers growing up
Michael Frances Foley Jr. aka the son of Michael Frances Foley Sr.(Mick Foley)?
Kevin Dunn the same guy that writes for and produces for WWE? don't know much about him but good luck to WWE and its future
Kevin Dunn the writer and producer of WWE? I'm not sure if he's in a relationship or not haven't heard anything about it
David Benoit is the eldest son of former pro wrestler Chris Benoit and pro wrestling valet Nancy Benoit. David Benoit is also a pro wrestler himself he mostly wrestles in Canada
I'm not sure if Scott Hall is currently married or not but he's been married a few times before. He was married to a woman named Dana Lee Burgio from 1990-1998 and then they remarried in 1999-2001. He married a woman named Jessica Hart from 2006-2007. Him and Dana Lee Burgio share two kids one who's a wrestler in NJPW named Cody Hall and a daughter named Cassidy Hall
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