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Michael Tait is not married, nor does he currently have a girlfriend and isnt dating anyone.
still a cheater!
Don't know
i love ur gf man
Jim Delaney favors Ohio state over every body else in big ten
my 5 year dominates this clown
Model-Dancer Jasmine Jo!
Gareth. Kalil, S africa
He's definitely gay!!!!!!
Is this the same scum bag nigger that [plays tennis.??? He is a homosexual fudge packing piece of shit...
Charlie Liu
F@CK OFF C*NT Reply-to:chuck a RICE bitch!1!! you not the law! OH SNAP YOU DA LAW 
chuck a RICE bitch!1!! you not the law! OH SNAP YOU DA LAW 
I dont think hes bad at all he seems to be holding back though. I dont know why i watch him play he has short bursts of awesomeness!!
Who is your girlfriend💏👫that you🙎🏻most wry girl friend
He certainly sucked tonight. Just had to give the game away
He is married.  He has been married to the same woman for over 30 years.  They have 4 adult children and 7 grandchildren.
Your mom 😁😁😁
No STD reported so far. Known for playing both sides of the field, currently engaged but like to comment on girl's boobs on Facebook
Janet Roberts, Arkansas
where do i even start? joe walsh totally sucks
Has he ever f'ucked a black chick? ...We wanna say he did...
yeah phong wont listen to my music like wtf
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