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Nossa só queria que ele vinhesse para fazer um show aqui no Brasil😍😍😍
Does Ramon have a girlfriend or a wife
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Tonight on WWE Monday Night Raw, which took place in Toronto Ontario, Canada, Mick Foley talks about Triple H and The Undertaker's fight that will take place in Melbourne Australia. Foley says that he thinks that The Undertaker will win.Twitter @RealMickFoleyTwitter @NoelleFoleyInstagram @noellefoleyTwitter @DeweyHaveTo
New Jack is one of my favorite wrestlers from ECW.
Jerome "Jerry" Young(born January 3, 1963) is an American retired professional wrestler who's best known for his work in Extreme Championship Wrestling(ECW), Impact Wrestling, Xtreme Pro Wrestling(XPW), Smoky Mountain Wrestling, and several other independent wrestling promotions.Twitter @theOnlyNewjack
Aj Styles is fighting against Samoa Joe this Sunday at Summerslam for the WWE world heavyweight championship.Twitter @AjStylesOrgInstagram @ajstylesp1Twitter @facdanielsInstagram @Twitter @KennyOmegaManXTwitter @TOKSFALETwitter @realchaseowensTwitter @CodyRhodesTwitter @Cody_Hall1Twitter @theAdamPageTwitter @Hiku_LeoTwitter @MartyScrullTwitter @MattJackson13Twitter @NickJacksonYBTwitter @taiji_ishimoriTwitter @Tama_TongaTwitter @TangaloaNJPWTwitter @Yujiro_Takahashi
David Benoit for downloadable content in WWE 2K19!Twitter @RealDavidBenoitInstagram @davidbenoit1Twitter @TJWilsonTwitter @NatbyNatureTwitter @DBSmithjrTwitter @BretHartTwitter @WWECesaroTwitter @REALBobbyRoodeTwitter @TheEricYoungTwitter @JinderMahalTwitter @SinghBrosWWETwitter @LanceStormTwitter @trishstratuscomTwitter @KennyOmegamanXTwitter @gailkimITSMETwitter @milanmiracleTwitter @WeAreRosemaryTwitter @AllieImpactTwitter @UpUpDwnDwnTwitter @WWETwitter @WWENETWORKTwitter @wweespanolTwitter @IAmJerichoTwitter @SamiZaynTwitter @FightOwensFightTwitter @Christian4PeepsTwitter @EdgeRatedRTwitter @TyeDillingercomTwitter @MmmGorgeousTwitter @TeddyHartIsBACKTwitter @IMPACTWRESTLINGTwitter @ScottDAmoreTwitter @PeteyWilliams
The Brood was one of the best factions back in the old WWF days, their blood baths that they would do were greatTwitter @gangrel13Twitter @EdgeRatedRTwitter @Christian4PeepsTwitter @MATTHARDYBRANDTwitter @RebyHardyTwitter @BABYHARDYBRANDTwitter @WolfieHardyTwitter @JEFFHARDYBRANDTwitter @BethBrittHardyTwitter @ShaneHelmsComTwitter @TheShannonBrandTwitter @TheKevinFertigTwitter @ElreynetworkTwitter @LuchaElReyTwitter @AroLuchaTwitter @WWETwitter @wweespanolTwitter @UpUpDwnDwnTwitter @IMPACTWRESTLING
David William Heath is a retired American professional wrestler who was best known for his work in WWE where he competed under the ring name Gangrel and was a member of a faction called The Brood alongside fellow retired professional wrestlers Edge & Christian, and later The New Brood with The Hardy Boyz.Twitter @gangrel13Twitter @EdgeRatedRTwitter @Christian4PeepsTwitter @MATTHARDYBRANDTwitter @RebyHardyTwitter @BABYHARDYBRANDTwitter @WolfieHardyTwitter @JEFFHARDYBRANDTwitter @BethBrittHardyTwitter @ShaneHelmsComTwitter @TheShannonBrandTwitter @TheKevinFertigTwitter @ElreynetworkTwitter @LuchaElReyTwitter @AroLuchaTwitter @WWETwitter @wweespanolTwitter @UpUpDwnDwnTwitter @IMPACTWRESTLING
Jamie Noble is the best wrestler of all time from West VirginiaTwitter @WWENobleTwitter @HeathSlaterOMRBTwitter @IAmDJZTwitter @WWETwitter @wweespanolTwitter @UpUpDwnDwn
James Gibson(born December 23, 1976) is an American retired professional wrestler who is best known by the ring name Jamie Noble where he has competed in WWE and WCW. He currently works in WWE as a producer.Twitter @WWENobleTwitter @HeathSlaterOMRBTwitter @IAmDJZTwitter @WWETwitter @wweespanolTwitter @UpUpDwnDwn
The Street Profits are my current favorite tag team in NXTTwitter @MontezFordWWETwitter @KORcombatTwitter @theBobbyFishTwitter @VelveeteenWWETwitter @therealec3Twitter @AdamColeProTwitter @WWEAleisterTwitter @AngeloDawkinsTwitter @cezarbononi_wweTwitter @strongstylebritTwitter @FabianAichnerTwitter @WarBeardHansonTwitter @JohnnyGarganoTwitter @KassiusOhnoTwitter @KonaReevesWWETwitter @LarsSWWETwitter @WWENickMillerTwitter @_StarDESTROYERTwitter @WWEDozovicTwitter @RaulMendozaWWETwitter @KingRicochetTwitter @riddickMossTwitter @roderickstrongTwitter @RAYMONDxROWETwitter @ShaneThorneWWETwitter @TinoSabbatelliTwitter @ProjectCiampaTwitter @TuckerKnightWWETwitter @TheWWEBlakeTwitter @WWETwitter @wweespanolTwitter @WWENXTTwitter @UpUpDwnDwn
Kenneth Crawford(born May 31, 1990) is an American professional wrestler who's best known for his work in WWE where he performs in WWE's NXT under the ring name Montez Ford where he is one half of the Street Profits tag team with Angelo Dawkins.Twitter @MontezFordWWETwitter @KORcombatTwitter @theBobbyFishTwitter @VelveeteenWWETwitter @therealec3Twitter @AdamColeProTwitter @WWEAleisterTwitter @AngeloDawkinsTwitter @cezarbononi_wweTwitter @strongstylebritTwitter @FabianAichnerTwitter @WarBeardHansonTwitter @JohnnyGarganoTwitter @KassiusOhnoTwitter @KonaReevesWWETwitter @LarsSWWETwitter @WWENickMillerTwitter @_StarDESTROYERTwitter @WWEDozovicTwitter @RaulMendozaWWETwitter @KingRicochetTwitter @riddickMossTwitter @roderickstrongTwitter @RAYMONDxROWETwitter @ShaneThorneWWETwitter @TinoSabbatelliTwitter @ProjectCiampaTwitter @TuckerKnightWWETwitter @TheWWEBlakeTwitter @WWETwitter @wweespanolTwitter @WWENXTTwitter @UpUpDwnDwn
Where are some David Benoit interviews on YouTube?? Twitter @RealDavidBenoitTwitter @TJWilsonTwitter @NatbyNatureTwitter @DBSmithjrTwitter @BretHartTwitter @WWECesaroTwitter @REALBobbyRoodeTwitter @TheEricYoungTwitter @JinderMahalTwitter @SinghBrosWWETwitter @LanceStormTwitter @trishstratuscomTwitter @KennyOmegamanXTwitter @gailkimITSMETwitter @milanmiracleTwitter @WeAreRosemaryTwitter @AllieImpactTwitter @UpUpDwnDwnTwitter @WWETwitter @WWENETWORKTwitter @wweespanolTwitter @IAmJerichoTwitter @SamiZaynTwitter @FightOwensFightTwitter @Christian4PeepsTwitter @EdgeRatedRTwitter @TyeDillingercomTwitter @MmmGorgeousTwitter @TeddyHartIsBACKTwitter @IMPACTWRESTLINGTwitter @ScottDAmoreTwitter @PeteyWilliams
Shannon, Mississippi
John Smith was one of the best wrestlers back in ECWTwitter @HeymanHustleTwitter @CyrusOverHuge
John T. Smith is an American retired professional wrestler who was best known for his work in Extreme Championship Wrestling(ECW) where he wrestled as J.T. Smith.Twitter @HeymanHustleTwitter @CyrusOverHuge
My name is Michael and my favorite wrestler is Ricky MartínezTwitter @MaxxStardomTwitter @maxx_stardomInstagram @DiamanteLAXInstagram @diamantelaxTwitter @RamosfitInstagram @ramosfitTwitter @DiamanteLAXInstagram @diamantelaxInstagram @munchymunchhSnapchat @munchymunchh
My name is Brian and Ricky Martínez is my favorite wrestlerTwitter @MaxxStardomTwitter @maxx_stardomInstagram @DiamanteLAXInstagram @diamantelaxTwitter @RamosfitInstagram @ramosfit
Does Pimpinela still wrestle in Lucha Underground?
Mario González, better known by his ring name Pimpinela Escarlata is a Mexican professional wrestler who is best known for his work in Consejo Mundial De Lucha Libre(CMLL), Asistencia Asesoría y Administración(AAA), and Lucha Underground.Twitter @CMLL_OFICIALTwitter @luchalibreaaaTwitter @LuchaElRey
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