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John Miller is a retired English professional wrestler. He's best known for his time spent as NXT's general manager on their English brand.
Ade Due Damballa. Give me the power, I beg of you.Leveau mercier du bois chaloitte.Secoise entienne mais pois de morte.Morteisma lieu de vocuier de mieu vochette.Endelieu pour du boisette damballa (x3)
Let's play a little game called hide the soul
Has David Benoit ever used Chris Benoit's theme songs for his entrance theme songs?Twitter @WWEDanielBryanTwitter @JohnCenaTwitter @BellaTwinsTwitter @THEvacationJJTwitter @KathyColaceTwitter @JohnLaurinaitisTwitter @WWEDramaKingTwitter @AJStylesOrgTwitter @TheWWEWolfeTwitter @AndradeCienWWETwitter @Zelina_VegaWWETwitter @WWEBigETwitter @WWECesaroTwitter @WWEEpicoTwitter @WWE_PrimoTwitter @TheEricYoungTwitter @LukeHarperWWETwitter @JEFFHARDYBRANDTwitter @WWEUsosTwitter @KaneWWETwitter @KarlAndersonWWETwitter @KillianDaneTwitter @TrueKofiTwitter @LukeGallowsWWETwitter @mikethemizTwitter @MaryseMizaninTwitter @RonKillingsTwitter @RandyOrtonTwitter @ERICKROWANTwitter @RusevBULTwitter @SamoaJoeTwitter @WWESheamusTwitter @Sheltyb803Twitter @ShinsukeNTwitter @SinCaraWWETwitter @WWEDillingerTwitter @XavierWoodsPhD
Hey yo! Scott Hall aka Razor Ramón is the greatest wrestler of all time, him and his toothpick, hey yo I lemme know if Scott Hall and his son Cody Hall are gonna be downloadable content in WWE 2K19 because if they are that would be too sweet Twitter @RealKevinNashTwitter @SCOTTHALLNWOTwitter @ShawnMichaelsTwitter @TripleHTwitter @TheRealXPacTwitter @StephMcMahonTwitter @shanemcmahonTwitter @VinceMcMahonTwitter @Linda_McMahonTwitter @SBALindaTwitter @VickieGuerreoTwitter @shaulygTwitter @mexwarriorTwitter @WWEDramaKingTwitter @reymysterioTwitter @ 35_DominikTwitter @PRINCESS_AALYAHTwitter @Konnan5150Twitter @DiamanteLAXTwitter @SantanaLAXTwitter @Ortiz5150Twitter @MadKing1981Twitter @OneWorldWarriorTwitter @AmazingRed1Twitter @ReyFenixMXTwitter @PentagonJuniorTwitter @PENTAELZEROMTwitter @hijodelfantasmaTwitter @PrideOfMexicoTwitter @Bestia666tjTwitter @GarzaaJrTwitter @fluffyguyTwitter @JUVENTUDGUERRE2Twitter @PsicosisOficialTwitter @IslasSupercrazyTwitter @SuperMexCTMTwitter @LuchadorLDTwitter @AndradeCienWWETwitter @Zelina_VegaWWETwitter @KalistoWWETwitter @1stladyluchaTwitter @WWEGranMetalikTwitter @SinCaraWWETwitter @caristicomxTwitter @sammyguevaraTwitter @SexydulcegTwitter @ElTexanoJrTwitter @daddy_yankeeTwitter @BodyguylitoTwitter @HijoDeDosCarasTwitter @MILMASCARASREALTwitter @The305MVPTwitter @RonKillingsTwitter @WaleTwitter @Willie_MackTwitter @TheRealDiscoTwitter @WWEKidmanTwitter @IAmJerichoInstagram:CideOutlaw5150 Instagram:psicosisodicial
David "Young Bucks" Darnell Brown is the best rapper in the entire world
David Darnell Brown is an American rapper from Nashville Tennessee who is best known as "Young Bucks" or "Buck". He is a member of the rap group known as G-Unit or Gorilla Unit, and the other members consist of 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, and Kidd Kidd.
John Morrison is the greatest wrestler of all time
I miss seeing the starship pain that he would do when he was in WWE
Nelson Erazo & Shawn Hernandez
Dwayne Douglas Johnson is one of my favorite actors of all time
Dwayne Douglas Johnson is an American actor, producer, and semi-retired professional wrestler who's best known for working in the WWE under the ring names "The Rock" and "Rocky Maivia". He is of Black & Samoan descent and he comes from a long line or famous relatives.
So this is about G(OGz leader on Impact Wrestling) Edward "King" Moore? Oh ok I see well he's a good wrestler
G as in leader of the OGz faction in Impact Wrestling and Edward "King" Moore??
The British Bulldog was and still is my favorite wrestler, rest in peace to Davey Boy Smith aka The British Bulldog. His son Davey Boy Smith Jr. is my other favorite wrestler
David "Davey Boy" Smith was a British professional wrestler best known for his work in WWE and WCW where he would wrestle under his real name or sometimes his stage name "The British Bulldog". He was related to the legendary Hart Family via marriage to Bret & Owen's sister Diana Smith. He shared two children with with Diana, a son named George and a son named Harry who is a professional wrestler who wrestles under the name "Davey Boy Smith Jr". His son Davey Boy Smith Jr. is best known for his time in WWE and NJPW.
Where's Priscilla Zuniga....oh wait nevermind
Christopher Griffin is my favorite character on Family Guy
Christopher "Chris" Cross Griffin is the middle child of Peter Griffin and Lois Pewterschmidt-Griffin. He's best known as a cast member of Family Guy with his parents, siblings Stewart "Stewie" Gilligan Griffin, Megan "Meg" Griffin, and the family dog, Brian Griffin.
Carlos Santiago Espada Moises and Shawn Hernandez
I love GTA San Andreas
Sean "Sweet" Johnson is the older brother of Carl "CJ" Johnson both of which are known for being a couple of the stars from GTA San Andreas
How many factions was Stone Cold apart of
Stone Cold Steve Austin is a retired professional wrestler who currently acts and runs his own podcast called The Stone Cold Podcast on YouTube and on the WWE Network. He was born Steven James Anderson and since has changed his name to Steve Austin. He was best known for his time in WWE and in WCW
Mike Sanders is the best wrestler in the world
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