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Veteran : Yeah Dream on ....
She behaved so arrogant and intimidating to the umpire during the finals. She is indeed an ape
After some careful consideration I have decided to do a reach around while I fukk her in the ass. She is super ugly BUT.. she has earned a fukking ton of cash. That, alone trumps everything else. So, I will fukk her in the ass as I massage her breasts from behind.
#2 seed my ass. Up 3-0 in both sets and lose to player ranked 165? Stupid bitch. You suck fat cock
How Can this “tennis player” be a former number one? She destroyes tennis With her game. Most boring player ever!! And when she Wins a match, it is not her who win, it is the opponent who loses the match!!! She have played tennis for a decade and she only Wins one grandslam! Only one! Because of Wozniacki the women tennis game is destroyed !!!
Jo.. Walley here... Walley Segap. Just a quick heads up to let you know I would consider it an honor if I could have cleavage sex with you. I am extremely well endowed (Nine inches when fully erect). Can you spare some time for me to fukk you between your breasts or you can lift your skirt and I will fukk you in the ass. Which would you prefer Jo ? thanks..!!!
Wasted cash. Smh..
You have a face that most guys would love to ejaculate on... You Fukking Cunt ! And Caroline..remember..I don't mean that in a bad way !!
Kimmy... Walley here..Walley Segap. Just wondering if you would at all be interested in you and me doing a reach around ?? Let me know !!w
Next Time we get together lets do some reach around O.K.? I think you're going to enjoy it..a lot !!'s me.. Jacques. How about a reach around ? I'll stand behind you totally naked. You remove your bra and panties and I will rest my erect penis on your lower back and in the crack of your ass. I will then take my arms and reach around and massage your breasts.. How does that sound ??
Stupid bitch, just lost her serve after bring up 40-0!!!!!
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EduardoFusco, WA, USA
molto piccola e piu bella
she is dating 17 year old Chinese tennis player Xin Mu Zhou
9 double faults by this beady eyed fkcu. Unbelievable!!
Practice much bitch? Less Twitter more practice dumbass!!!
What a great name, Adriana Pérez
Just lost from 4-1 up to 6-4, game set and match. Pathetic..
She is smelly and ugly
Mi Yoo? Who the fukk???
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