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Evie Grace (Age 8), Redcliffe. Australia.
Out immediately in Rogers Cup in front of her hometown crowd. They were very supportive of this deadbeat wannabe tennis player. She embarrasses Canada.
I would not Fukk her with your Cock !!!
She/he done suck ballz bruh—that aint no chick
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Married. Boyfriend social status
She turned pro in 2000.. a mediocre tennis player. But.. she is somewhat attractive for a 33 year old babe. Nice breasts, nothing spectacular. I understand she likes to hand out with men who have larger than average cocks. Her I I Vera. I am a full nine inches when totally erect and the girth is nothing to be ashamed of. My Penis is rather ample to say the least. Lets get together soon.. I just finished jerking off.. It felt awfully good.
Your dad is disgusting shit.why is your face very look like a man in his preteens.your play is disgusting.
this fat slob just got her ass handed by a midget what a waste of space this cow is
She is terrible. I bet on her as a hedge, then put a bunch of if-bets behind the hedge of bertens that won. So I found myself rooting for this terrible player for a larger profit than if her opponent, my original bet, won. She doesn't even seem to know how long her own arms are or what force is or how to move. She is complete trash. Right after the first set I googled "kiki bertens is trash" then "kiki bertens sucks" and found this place.
Pathetic vs Halep. Simply Pathetic.
Great goodlooking brilliant tennis player
Brave Jo - lost again! British hopes ride solely on her slim shoulders to bring the Empire back from the brink!
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not even a husky would have sex with this bitch
way to choke against Garcia cleaning lady. worst tennis player of all time
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Go to hell Anonymous from Fri Mar 13 2015!!!! Bitch is mine!!! Back off!
Hey Laura...Jacques Here. If You See Kay, please let her know that I will be staying in Apartment 4-Q !
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