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should be loco vandeweghe. i wish someone would tie her down on a court and defecate on the face of this bull dyke lesbian.
The only thing ugly is this website and attitude. She's somebody's daughter and somebody's sister... what if she was yours. Shame on you all!
Is Coco married
Patheitc performance at the Australian Open, just pathetic.. Couldn't hold serve to save her life, mentally weak. Fml..
Her boyfriends shrek, exactly as fat as her
I fukked her, I'm a jew
She should just quit
Hemendra R Bhatiya, India
Lost 6-0 in the deciding set to an unseeded player from guernsey. Can we redefine the word choke?
Gets pissed off from Djokovic saying women don't deserve equal pay, well that is true as women's tennis is way easier you fat ape
Kill yourseld
She looks like a plucking lamb
Hemendra R Bhatiya, India
Quit tennis sick itch shit
I want to marrie her're twenty Eight years old...rather old for a tennis player who hasn't won jack shit...$181,000. Not much at all. Time to do what you do best, and that is oral sex. You started giving head to the men about a years ago and the recipients say you do a good job... Sucking cocks is what you do best so stick with it.
Have fun sliding down the rankings you whiny bitch..
The time as finally arrived for Victoria and all the other worthless Cunts to be eliminated...I mean shot. Let's make a commitment for this cumming year to just get rid of these assholes. How does that sound ???
Yo Andy... Just finished getting a blow job from my wife's mother...It was super terrific to say the least. Great breasts and awesome legs. The next best thing would be getting a blow...or hand..job from you Andy....Lookin forward to it...see ya soon...
You lost to a samoan monkey
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