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the only thing nice about carla is her asshole.. would eat her fresh out of the shower
She sucks because she couldn't admit she took it to get an edge. She still holds to her story that she made a mistake not realizing it was banned, but never says what her true intent really was for the past decade. For this reason, she seriously sucks.
I love to watch this young lady play. I don't care about her sexual orientation or anything else. I love her one handed backhand. I think she is adorable!
she's a carpet-muncher
Bitchard sucks shit, it's usually a fluke if she passes the first round, she should quit otherwise will become another Kournikova...  What these players fail to realize is that they get fame only for winning and looking good, she will be another forgotten joke very soon!
serena, congrats on pregnancy, wishing you well and many blessings. aldovee LI NY
You kunt
Yo Andy Baby...."Woz Hapnin" sweet thing. Wolley Here. From Cleveland. I met You and your mom at the Marriott in downtown. She was looking really good..with those awesome breasts and those super terrific legs. I did fukk her in the ass while we were having dinner. Great piece of ass...your mom.
Much Love Garbine!! xx
Bitch just lost another final to a no name. She is such a joke. What a pathetic former number 1. Gutless & spineless.
Absolute Choke Artist. Simply Pathetic..
How is warwinka banging her
I bet all her mixed doubles partners can't concentrate on serve
Would still bang despite the face not being the prettiest
Simply Pathetic. Sums it up..
Does she have a boyfriend?
coco sucks!
Kerberos is a little cunt
She sucummb to the heat at Wimbledon midway through the second set. Woooow..
That Old Guy that died in the auto Accident..when you ran a red light and hit another car..that guy..the one who remember hm ? not to worry Venus. He was just an old man and he was not as famous as you. Not to worry. He won't be missed. Just go on with you life like nothing happened..he was an just old man !!!He was probably about to die anyhow..not to worry.
Cannarsa Paolo, Termoli (Italy)
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