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Hey Bobbi..we met in Houston about two years ago. I was also staying at the Doubletree and wet met in the lounge. I was instantly attracted to you since you were wearing a short black m miniskirt with suntan nylons and four inch heels. You made the first move since you noticed my rather ample package. We adjourned to my suite and had rather intense sexual intercourse. You gave me your brassiere (36C) and matching panties just after you gave me a hand job. I ejaculated into your mouth and you swallowed.So Bobbi..what's new?
Hemendra R Bhatiya, india surat
Glad you wont be at the French open you Bitch. I'd like to ram a stick of dynamite up your cunt and light it off.
tgttfumplv, LxVGlsbJOTHItXrv
Yes Francesca..I am, in fact, wearing Pantyhose. I had them slightly modified so as to accommodate my male anatomy. You see, I had a hole cut in the front panel just above the gusset so I can let my Penis and Testicles out. I like to masturbate while I am wearing the pantyhose along with a pair of three inch pumps. This ensemble helps me get into an extreme state of erection and allows me to ejaculate with much more intensity. I hope you like it Fran. I know I sure do !
Just checked you out on line ...This cunt has won quite the amount of cash... twenty six million to be exact..Not bad looking with average size breasts but rather attractive legs. Can see her in stockings and high heels as she is giving me a hand job...
Claudio Taricco, Turin
Remember when she used to be good?? Now shes just a big fukkin joke.
What is wrong with you all?! You make me sick
She sucks. As simple as that..
Not the most attractive..not even attractive...rather ugly if you ask me BUT..I would accept a blow job from here anytime. There is no such thing as a bad blow job.
Andy..Baby... How The fukk are you...Bitch ? I was just sitting here getting ready to masturbate..again !!!
She sucks. Who loses to Vekic. Dumb bitch. Just retire
Yo's Wolley here. I would just love for us to get together and have a night of wild sex. I have a rather impressive Penis, and I'm certain you would be able to fit the entire length in your mouth. What you say Kata ???
How uneducated you all are!
Anthony Morrissey, France
What a weird looking, lanky loser this cu*t is! Terrible at tennis maybe try basketball you pole
A Charter Member of the Lesbian Coalition of Professional Tennis Players.
Fckin Pathetic!! Unforced error Queen..
"derrr I be serina Williams and be hongry FA some cock errrrrrr." Cross eyed and drooling she falls face first on someone's cock. Sucking it dry.
francis casey alcantara
Taylor needs to be taken out of the PGA, shes just another undisciplined, primitive fat girl beast who eats too much. the reason why she lost to caroline is she is too fat, shes too slow,she has no stamina, she has a tiny brain cuz all she thinks about is food not being a champion.
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