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not even a husky would have sex with this bitch
way to choke against Garcia cleaning lady. worst tennis player of all time
Caroline.. Jacques here.... just as an FYI.. I shaved my Penis and Testicles per your request. You told me you totally enjoy giving me blow jobs and sucking on my Balls, but you'd like it if I were to shave.. Well... I did.. Let's get at it.O.K.? O.K. !!!t
Go to hell Anonymous from Fri Mar 13 2015!!!! Bitch is mine!!! Back off!
Hey Laura...Jacques Here. If You See Kay, please let her know that I will be staying in Apartment 4-Q !
Yes..She is, by far, the Ugliest Bitch on the WTA Tour. SRome serious plastic surgery is needed here just to remove some of that awful Ugly. I would not FU CK her with you cock !!!
Swen Engel, Germany
Out again in the first round in straight sets. A real loser. Just quit. You're embarrassing Canada.
I also live Romania. Spend time having sex. Suck a mean cock. You Like..I betcha HaHaha!!l
And..she certainly does suck a mean cock !!
Yo Ang... can I fukk you in the ass...Again ?
Guess she is a milf now
I came to this website to protest against its way off the mark title. Sam is a beautiful person,both in body and soul. She has super sexy legs too' with understated but insanely muscular thighs!
Hi all over , i live in romania,i play table tennis in amateur league,for me Monica is a good motivation because i play with long pimps rubber on back hand and my style is similar.Monica change all that we know about tennis.Good luck, Niculescu!!!!
moise mihai, alexandria, romania
Petra and I met about four years ago in Toronto. We met at the hotel cocktail lounge. After about an hour and a number of drinks we adjourned to her suite. She asked me to put on a pair of thigh high stockings which I did. We then engaged in several hours of intense sexual pleasure. I must say she sucks a mean cock. I orgasmed about seven times with subsequent ejaculations.
And make sure you wear your babushka and no brassieres please... We like to see large drooping Russian Breasts...
ghetto hoodrat. her bf is gay but sachia too dumb to realize that.
Get back in the kitchen and stop playing men’s sports you ugly, lanky, mucky looking tranny. I hope you get cervical cancer
I hope this lanky, ugly, loser gets cervical cancer or has still borns. A set AND A BREAK up agains Monica Nicole’s I TWICE and loses, A BREAK UP in the final set and loses....... I bet her Dad wishes he had a wank ha
she is ugli like hell
I agree on all of the above comments. Very disappointing to see her representing Australia.
donovan castell, 113 east new york new york 10035 . apt 3c
Just lost in straight sets to Mertens including 6-0 in the second. Absolutely pathetic..
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