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And make sure you wear your babushka and no brassieres please... We like to see large drooping Russian Breasts...
ghetto hoodrat. her bf is gay but sachia too dumb to realize that.
Get back in the kitchen and stop playing men’s sports you ugly, lanky, mucky looking tranny. I hope you get cervical cancer
I hope this lanky, ugly, loser gets cervical cancer or has still borns. A set AND A BREAK up agains Monica Nicole’s I TWICE and loses, A BREAK UP in the final set and loses....... I bet her Dad wishes he had a wank ha
she is ugli like hell
I agree on all of the above comments. Very disappointing to see her representing Australia.
donovan castell, 113 east new york new york 10035 . apt 3c
Just lost in straight sets to Mertens including 6-0 in the second. Absolutely pathetic..
Is she male or female.?
nasty ass half breed N-youknowwhatEr
Just saw her on TV..the Australian Open.. She is the ugliest fukking cunt on the woem's tour.. I would not fukk her with someone else's cock.. She needs to dedicate an entire year and every cent she has to some serious reconstructive surgery..on her entire fukking ugly body.. Oh/..My... God !!!
Losing to Osaka @ home in straight sets during the Australian Open in the biggest match of your life, choke artist, real talk..
She makes all u posters cream your pants. Admit it u lot just to watch her ass bounce on serve
Heard all the guys in the locker room couldn't handle her. I know the guys on here got no chance
If Djokovic is hitting it all u guy would as well
Sloane is so beautiful especially when her panties reveal. Half these people commenting would never turn her down if hey has the chance to do the deed
None of these people would last with Venus in Bed
I would love to lie in between her thighs
Would love my balls to be served by her
Wow what a stunner would love to see her assets up close
Imagine how good she could have been if she spent less time whoring herself in men's magazines and more time practicing tennis.
She is a quitter. A gutless ugly twat
She is ugly fat lesbian pig😁😁😁
Rumor that he's actually gay, and this marriage is all phony.
best wishes on your marriage. Positive blessings go out to you your husband and beautiful baby girl. aldovee LI NY
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