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Taylor needs to be taken out of the PGA, shes just another undisciplined, primitive fat girl beast who eats too much. the reason why she lost to caroline is she is too fat, shes too slow,she has no stamina, she has a tiny brain cuz all she thinks about is food not being a champion.
Female tennis players like marion dont deserve the same pay as men. They don't deserve it. They are slower, weaker, fatter having big beer guts, dumber, they have bad attitudes and arrogant. Like most woman in tennis marion is just a well fed fat cow struggling her way through. looking at petra's over gorged pot belly you can tell she is very undisciplined, stupid and lazy.
Yeah this woman is well fed, which is why she looks so damn tried out there.
Lea michele
@Hemendra R Bhatiya gmail.Com
Adrien, Paris
Leslie Zhou , San Francisco
Flaviano Lanza , Verona
When I heard about your two year suspension I was totally elated. We celebrated all night. Whe you cum back I think the people in the crowd should start to scream just before you serve...You F-ucking Bitch !
Reply-to:has she ever won Wimbledon or Australia or even pairs or usa ???Probably not...Cock Breath...but she has a fukking ton of cash..unlike worthless pile of fecal matter..who has zero.
Yo..Pet..It's Wolley..Wolley Sega[p from Toronto. You gave me the most fantastic oral I have had in quite some time. Just a quick thank you Pet... I'm looking forward to another session from you real soon. My Penis misses you...a lot.
She's spineless mentally weak and looks like a rat. Never will be even thought of as above average
What is wrong with people? Why are you so insecure that you need to put down someone for something they cannot control. I think it's awesome that she has accomplished what she has and she deserves praise for her accomplishments not criticism from insecure adults, grow up!
Always whining about being injured.Always chokes matches away against lower ranked opponents. Always yelling and complaining to her coach. A player that I simply despise!
Absolutely Pathetic!!
SMH for this ugly beast..
The Australian Final is composed of the Williams Sisiters. The Largest Breasts on Tour vs not the smallest, but pretty small. Who Wins ??? Little Miss A Cup or the breasts that wont go away ???
geoff hancox, Corrimal austraila
Paulo Lopes, cidade de Porto Alegre- RS- Brasil
should be loco vandeweghe. i wish someone would tie her down on a court and defecate on the face of this bull dyke lesbian.
The only thing ugly is this website and attitude. She's somebody's daughter and somebody's sister... what if she was yours. Shame on you all!
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