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does tyrus have children
Rajmohan, India
Carol Donahue, Rochester NY
piece of crap
Just one word to describe Mathew...GAY NUFF SAID !! rest in peace Mathew !!You Homo cock sucker !!
Randy has devoted the rest of his life to the Gay and Lesbian cause. He came out of the closet and he's now a full fledged fudge packing homosexual...
Laura Tatro, Marshalltown Iowa
Dude steals a bunch of Chuck Norris jokes and thinks he's the sh1t. What a 7ucking douchebag.
Talentless goldigging whor3
john ur a playboy
r4H6bX The political landscape is ripe for picking In this current political climate, we feel that there as simply no hope left anymore.
All these snarls still think wrestling is supposed to be technical....that's the point of gecko Roman wrestling...technical wrestlers ruin wrestling..they turned it into a dance
u6lWCz I will make sure to bookmark it and return to read more of your useful information.
p0k5WI site, I have read all that, so at this time me also
PENNY RUMLEY, I think you are very nice guy .
ZmmZJx Of course, what a splendid website and instructive posts, I definitely will bookmark your website.Have an awsome day!
grainger hebshie, mass
Sandie, Salem
He got engaged here's the picture. Her name is Loretta
CM punk's marriage is in turmoil because his wife caught himnaked wrestling in a bathhouse with a fellow atheist. Reports claim there was much giggling and poking.
Lol this fag puts on his twitter profile "atheist" looool what a FAG. get a fkn life I can't wait til u lose in the ufc you prancing girly girl. Dana is gonna feed you some p.ussy ass your first fight but the second you face a real fighter I'll get ktfo. Fag.
bob, nh
Brie Bella
I actually got to the usos in person and Naomi and it was awesome.
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