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What about the article that one of the twins wrote? Stop trolling. No one here is gullible enough to believe you, we see through your lies. "So you guys think every woman he's with is a girlfriend or someone he's sleeping with? Get a life!!!!" Remember? One of you twins wrote that. Back to putting you on ignore Izzy because you like any scrap of attention even if it is negative. What about tweeting all of us instead?
Triple H and The Undertaker's rivalry was shown and talked about, Triple H and The Undertaker will fight for the last time at The Largest Live Event Ever in Melbourne Australia. The Boss And Hug Connection and Ember Moon fought against the Riott Squad(Ruby Riott, Sarah Logan, an Liv Morgan) and lost via pinfall, Ruby Riott pinned Sasha Banks.
Grand Master Sexay is the greatest professional wrestler of all time, same for Scotty 2 HottyTwitter @JerryLawlerTwitter @TheREALRIKISHITwitter @TheScotty2HottyTwitter @RealJeffJarrettTwitter @karenjarrett
Jerry Lawler for Universal champion!Twitter @JerryLawlerTwitter @TheREALRIKISHITwitter @TheScotty2HottyTwitter @RealJeffJarrettTwitter @karenjarrett
John Cena for universal champion in 2018! Or 2019!Twitter @TheFlipGordonTwitter @realfredrosserTwitter @BellaTwinsTwitter @THEVacationJJTwitter @KathyColaceTwitter @JohnLaurinaitisTwitter @WWEDanielBryanTwitter @Akam_WWETwitter @RonKillingsTwitter @WWEApolloTwitter @BaronCorbinWWETwitter @WWETheBigShowTwitter @TheBoDallasTwitter @fightbobbyTwitter @REALBobbyRoodeTwitter @BraunStrowmanTwitter @WWEBrayWyattTwitter @BrockLesnarTwitter @WWEGableTwitter @TheCurtHawkinsTwitter @RealCurtisAxelTwitter @DashWilderWWETwitter @TheDeanAmbroseTwitter @DMcIntyreWWETwitter @IAmEliasWWETwitter @WWEFandangoTwitter @FinnBalorTwitter @GoldustTwitter @HeathSlaterOMRBTwitter @JasonJordanJJTwitter @JinderMahalTwitter @FightOwensFightTwitter @ViktorRiseWWETwitter @MATTHARDYBRANDTwitter @RealMikeBennettTwitter @MojoRawleyWWETwitter @WWENoWayJoseTwitter @Rezar_WWETwitter @Rhyno313Twitter @WWERomanReignsTwitter @SamiZaynTwitter @ScottDawsonWWETwitter @WWERollinsTwitter @TitusONeilWWETwitter @MmmGorgeousTwitter @ZackRyderTwitter @ShadbeastTwitter @Jtg1284
Maybe one day John Cena will win the Universal championship, that would be greatTwitter @TheFlipGordonTwitter @realfredrosserTwitter @BellaTwinsTwitter @THEVacationJJTwitter @KathyColaceTwitter @JohnLaurinaitisTwitter @WWEDanielBryanTwitter @Akam_WWETwitter @RonKillingsTwitter @WWEApolloTwitter @BaronCorbinWWETwitter @WWETheBigShowTwitter @TheBoDallasTwitter @fightbobbyTwitter @REALBobbyRoodeTwitter @BraunStrowmanTwitter @WWEBrayWyattTwitter @BrockLesnarTwitter @WWEGableTwitter @TheCurtHawkinsTwitter @RealCurtisAxelTwitter @DashWilderWWETwitter @TheDeanAmbroseTwitter @DMcIntyreWWETwitter @IAmEliasWWETwitter @WWEFandangoTwitter @FinnBalorTwitter @GoldustTwitter @HeathSlaterOMRBTwitter @JasonJordanJJTwitter @JinderMahalTwitter @FightOwensFightTwitter @ViktorRiseWWETwitter @MATTHARDYBRANDTwitter @RealMikeBennettTwitter @MojoRawleyWWETwitter @WWENoWayJoseTwitter @Rezar_WWETwitter @Rhyno313Twitter @WWERomanReignsTwitter @SamiZaynTwitter @ScottDawsonWWETwitter @WWERollinsTwitter @TitusONeilWWETwitter @MmmGorgeousTwitter @ZackRyderTwitter @ShadbeastTwitter @Jtg1284
If I hear BBBBBB Brie Mode play at the Evolution ppv then I will have a giant smile on my faceTwitter @JohnCenaTwitter @BellaTwinsTwitter @THEVacationJJTwitter @KathyColaceTwitter @JohnLaurinaitisTwitter @WWEDanielBryanTwitter @Akam_WWETwitter @WWEApolloTwitter @BaronCorbinWWETwitter @WWETheBigShowTwitter @TheBoDallasTwitter @fightbobbyTwitter @REALBobbyRoodeTwitter @BraunStrowmanTwitter @WWEBrayWyattTwitter @BrockLesnarTwitter @WWEGableTwitter @TheCurtHawkinsTwitter @RealCurtisAxelTwitter @DashWilderWWETwitter @TheDeanAmbroseTwitter @DMcIntyreWWETwitter @IAmEliasWWETwitter @WWEFandangoTwitter @FinnBalorTwitter @GoldustTwitter @HeathSlaterOMRBTwitter @JasonJordanJJTwitter @JinderMahalTwitter @FightOwensFightTwitter @ViktorRiseWWETwitter @MATTHARDYBRANDTwitter @RealMikeBennettTwitter @MojoRawleyWWETwitter @WWENoWayJoseTwitter @Rezar_WWETwitter @Rhyno313Twitter @WWERomanReignsTwitter @SamiZaynTwitter @ScottDawsonWWETwitter @WWERollinsTwitter @TitusONeilWWETwitter @MmmGorgeousTwitter @ZackRyder
If L.W.O. makes their debut in WWE here could be the potential members(obviously Rey Mysterio's Jr. and Chavo Guerrero Jr. would both serve as the leaders)L.W.O.:Rey Mysterio Jr.(leader)Chavo Guerrero Jr.(leader)Andrade Cien AlmasRaúl MendozaNo Way JoséSin Cara(Hunico)KalistoGran MetalikLince DoradoRecruit some of the talent in AAA, CMLL, The Crash, Aro Lucha, Lucha Underground, WWC, a lot of the original members have children or other young relatives who wrestle that could possibly be recruited to WWE(if they'd be interested), there's so much potential for this group if it were to atart.Twitter @reymysterioInstagram.Com/619iamluchaInstagram.Com/619reynaInstagram.Com/dominik_35Instagram.Com/aalyahgutierrezTwitter @ 35_DominikTwitter @PRINCESS_AALYAHTwitter @Konnan5150Instagram @konnan5150Twitter @DiamanteLAXInstagram @diamantelaxTwitter @SantanaLAXInstagram @santanalaxTwitter @Ortiz5150Instagram ortizlaxTwitter @MadKing1981Instagram @eddiekingston81Instagram @cideoutlaw5150Twitter @OneWorldWarriorInstagram @LowKi1979Twitter @MaxxStardomTwitter @RamosfitInstagram @ramosfitTwitter @madone619Instagram @madone619
Tonight on WWE Tuesday Night Smackdown Live throughout the show they talk about The Miz and Daniel Bryan's eightyear rivalry. This Sunday at Summerslam The Miz and Daniel Bryan will fight one on one.Twitter @mikethemizTwitter @MaryseMizaninTwitter @JohnCenaTwitter @BellaTwinsTwitter @THEVacationJJTwitter @KathyColaceTwitter @JohnLaurinaitisTwitter @WWEDanielBryanTwitter @Akam_WWETwitter @WWEApolloTwitter @BaronCorbinWWETwitter @WWETheBigShowTwitter @TheBoDallasTwitter @fightbobbyTwitter @REALBobbyRoodeTwitter @BraunStrowmanTwitter @WWEBrayWyattTwitter @BrockLesnarTwitter @WWEGableTwitter @TheCurtHawkinsTwitter @RealCurtisAxelTwitter @DashWilderWWETwitter @TheDeanAmbroseTwitter @DMcIntyreWWETwitter @IAmEliasWWETwitter @WWEFandangoTwitter @FinnBalorTwitter @GoldustTwitter @HeathSlaterOMRBTwitter @JasonJordanJJTwitter @JinderMahalTwitter @FightOwensFightTwitter @ViktorRiseWWETwitter @MATTHARDYBRANDTwitter @RealMikeBennettTwitter @MojoRawleyWWETwitter @WWENoWayJoseTwitter @Rezar_WWETwitter @Rhyno313Twitter @WWERomanReignsTwitter @SamiZaynTwitter @ScottDawsonWWETwitter @WWERollinsTwitter @TitusONeilWWETwitter @MmmGorgeousTwitter @ZackRyder
Tonight on WWE Tuesday Night Smackdown Live in Greensville SC, The New Day(Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods) fought against and beat Sanity(Eric Young, Killian Dain, and Alexander Wolfe). Big E pinned Killian Dain to pick up the win for his team.Today is Kofi Kingston's birthday, happy birthday Kofi Kingston!Twitter @XavierWoodsPhDInstagram @xavierwoodsphdTwitter @WWEBigEInstagram @wwebigeTwitter @UpUpDwnDwnInstagram @WWEInstagram @wwe
The Great Khali is one of the greatest professional wrestlers to hail from India.Instagram @dalipsinghcweTwitter @JinderMahalInstagram @jindermahalTwitter @SinghBrosWWEInstagram @harvsihra_wweInstagram @gurvsihra_wweTwitter @MahabaliSheraInstagram @KavitaDeviWWEInstagram @kavitadeviwweTwitter @WrestlerSushilTwitter @pawankumar86kgTwitter @PhogatRituTwitter @SakshiMalikTwitter @MahabirPhogatTwitter @geeta_phogatTwitter @Phogat_VineshTwitter @BabitaPhogatTwitter @sonjayduttersonTwitter @HakimZaneInstagram @rajuzane80Twitter @WWETwitter @WWEIndiaTwitter @UpUpDwnDwn
Dalip Singh Rana(born August 27, 1972) is an Indian born retired American professional wrestler who's best known for his work in WWE where he competed under the ring name The Great Khali. Khali is the first Indian professional wrestler in the WWE to capture the world heavyweight championship. The Great Khali married Harminder Kaur in 2002 and together they have a daughter named Avleen Rana.Instagram @dalipsinghcweTwitter @JinderMahalInstagram @jindermahalTwitter @SinghBrosWWEInstagram @harvsihra_wweInstagram @gurvsihra_wweTwitter @MahabaliSheraInstagram @KavitaDeviWWEInstagram @kavitadeviwweTwitter @WrestlerSushilTwitter @pawankumar86kgTwitter @PhogatRituTwitter @SakshiMalikTwitter @MahabirPhogatTwitter @geeta_phogatTwitter @Phogat_VineshTwitter @BabitaPhogatTwitter @sonjayduttersonTwitter @HakimZaneInstagram @rajuzane80Twitter @WWETwitter @WWEIndiaTwitter @UpUpDwnDwnTwitter @
Best wishes to TJ Wilson and Nattie Neidhart and the rest of the Neidhart and Hart family for their loss of Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart, he was apart of one of the greatest wrestling factions to come outta Calgary Alberta Canada, The Hart Foundation, he was great a powerhouse in the ring and he had a unique laugh and he seemed to be an amazing father and husband and friend, may your soul forever live in peace and happiness.Twitter @TJWilsonInstagram @tjwilson711Twitter @NatbyNatureInstagram @natbynatureTwitter @DBSmithjrTwitter @BretHartTwitter @RealDavidBenoitInstagram @davidbenoit1Twitter @WWECesaroTwitter @REALBobbyRoodeTwitter @TheEricYoungTwitter @JinderMahalTwitter @SinghBrosWWETwitter @LanceStormTwitter @trishstratuscomTwitter @KennyOmegamanXTwitter @gailkimITSMETwitter @milanmiracleTwitter @WeAreRosemaryTwitter @AllieImpactTwitter @UpUpDwnDwnTwitter @WWETwitter @WWENETWORKTwitter @wweespanolTwitter @IAmJerichoTwitter @SamiZaynTwitter @FightOwensFightTwitter @Christian4PeepsTwitter @EdgeRatedRTwitter @TyeDillingercomTwitter @MmmGorgeousTwitter @TeddyHartIsBACKTwitter @IMPACTWRESTLINGTwitter @ScottDAmoreTwitter @PeteyWilliam
Tonight on WWE Monday Night Raw which was in Greensboro NC, Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre walked into Kurt Angle's office and Ziggler asked Angle where Seth Rollins is tonight and Ziggler asks Angle what'll happen if Rollins doesn't show up tonight. Angle told Ziggler not yo worry because Rollins will be here tonight and the intercontinental title will be on the line. Ziggler and McIntyre look at Angle and then at each other and grin.Twitter @HEELZigglerInstagram @heelzigglerTwitter @HotYoungBrileyInstagram @ryrynemnemTwitter @ZackRyderInstagram @zryder85Twitter @mikethemizInstagram @mikethemiz
Ryback for the WWE HOF as Ryback and as Skip Sheffield and as a member of Nexus...yep yep yep!!!Twitter @Ryback22Instagram @thebigguyryback22
Currently Ryback has his own line of protein and energy drinks called Feed Me More. I'm not sure if he still wrestles, I haven't heard anything from him as far as wrestling goes.Twitter @Ryback22Instagram @thebigguyryback22
How great it would be if the Welsh Warrior retired to WWE and captured the Universal or WWE world title...that would be a beautiful thing to seeTwitter @ MasonTheManiacTwitter @ JulieRolfe_LFL
piece of shit like cena
MrrZFt Yo, I am ranking the crap out of cb auto profits.
Tamina Snuka has two daughters, her youngest is named Maleata, and her oldest is named MilanetaTwitter @TaminaSnukaInstagram @saronasnukawweTwitter @atajohnson1Instagram @atajohnsonTwitter @WXWOfficeTwitter @TheRockInstagram @therockTwitter @WWERomanReignsTwitter @WWEUsosInstagram @uceyjuceyInstagram @jonathanfatuTwitter @lanceanoaiTwitter @SAMOANWEREWOLFTwitter @countblackpearlTwitter @SamoanStormTwitter @TheREALRIKISHITwitter @NiaJaxWWETwitter @NaomiWWETwitter @SashaBanksWWETwitter @VickieGuerreroTwitter @Guerrero_ShaulTwitter @DeonnaPurrazzoTwitter @itsBayleyWWETwitter @DanaBrookeWWETwitter @StephMcMahonTwitter @AlexaBliss_WWETwitter @WWEEmberMoonTwitter @YaOnlyLivvOnceTwitter @MickieJamesTwitter @NatbyNatureTwitter @RondaRouseyTwitter @RubyRiottWWETwitter @sarahloganwweTwitter @MariaLKanellisTwitter @WWEAsukaTwitter @BeckyLynchWWETwitter @BillieKayWWETwitter @CarmellaWWETwitter @MsCharlotteWWETwitter @LanaWWETwitter @WWE_MandyRoseTwitter @BellaTwinsTwitter @PeytonRoyceWWETwitter @SonyaDevilleWWETwitter @MaryseMizaninTwitter @RealPaigeWWETwitter @Zelina_VegaWWETwitter @WWE_AliyahTwitter @BiancaBelairWWETwitter @CandiceLeRaeTwitter @DakotaKai_WWETwitter @KairiSaneWWETwitter @LaceyEvansWWETwitter @NikkiCrossWWETwitter @QoSBaszlerTwitter @TaynaraContiWWETwitter @VanessaBorneWWETwitter @RebyHardyTwitter @CharlyCarusoWWETwitter @DashaFuentesWWETwitter @ItsJoseannTwitter @AliciaFoxy
Now that Kane is the mayor of Knoxville Tennessee what does this mean for Team Hell No, who will be Daniel Bryan's new tag team partner, or will he go back to being a singles competitor. I'm liking the rivalry between Bryan and The MizTwitter @WWEDanielBryanInstagram @bryandanielsonTwitter @JohnCenaInstagram @johncenaInstagram @thenikkibellaInstagram @BellaTwinsTwitter @THEvacationJJTwitter @KathyColaceTwitter @JohnLaurinaitisTwitter @WWEDramaKingTwitter @AJStylesOrgTwitter @TheWWEWolfeTwitter @AndradeCienWWETwitter @Zelina_VegaWWETwitter @WWEBigETwitter @WWECesaroTwitter @WWEEpicoTwitter @WWE_PrimoTwitter @TheEricYoungTwitter @LukeHarperWWETwitter @JEFFHARDYBRANDTwitter @WWEUsosTwitter @KaneWWETwitter @KarlAndersonWWETwitter @KillianDaneTwitter @TrueKofiTwitter @LukeGallowsWWETwitter @mikethemizTwitter @MaryseMizaninTwitter @RonKillingsTwitter @RandyOrtonTwitter @ERICKROWANTwitter @RusevBULTwitter @SamoaJoeTwitter @WWESheamusTwitter @Sheltyb803Twitter @ShinsukeNTwitter @SinCaraWWETwitter @WWEDillingerTwitter @XavierWoodsPhD
This passed Tuesday on WWE Smackdown Live The Miz was on the screen beint interviewed by Byron Saxton who was in the ring, Saxton was asking him about his rivalry with Daniel Bryan and he asked him what if he's not able to back up all of the s*** he's been talking about Bryan for the last few years. Daniel Bryan runs into Miz's locker room and attacks him and beats up the security guards.Twitter @WWEDanielBryanInstagram @bryandanielsonTwitter @JohnCenaInstagram @johncenaInstagram @thenikkibellaInstagram @BellaTwinsTwitter @THEvacationJJTwitter @KathyColaceTwitter @JohnLaurinaitisTwitter @WWEDramaKingTwitter @AJStylesOrgTwitter @TheWWEWolfeTwitter @AndradeCienWWETwitter @Zelina_VegaWWETwitter @WWEBigETwitter @WWECesaroTwitter @WWEEpicoTwitter @WWE_PrimoTwitter @TheEricYoungTwitter @LukeHarperWWETwitter @JEFFHARDYBRANDTwitter @WWEUsosTwitter @KaneWWETwitter @KarlAndersonWWETwitter @KillianDaneTwitter @TrueKofiTwitter @LukeGallowsWWETwitter @mikethemizTwitter @MaryseMizaninTwitter @RonKillingsTwitter @RandyOrtonTwitter @ERICKROWANTwitter @RusevBULTwitter @SamoaJoeTwitter @WWESheamusTwitter @Sheltyb803Twitter @ShinsukeNTwitter @SinCaraWWETwitter @WWEDillingerTwitter @XavierWoodsPhD
This past Tuesday on WWE Smackdown Live R-Truth fought against and lost to Shinsuke Nakamura on a one on one none U.S. title match.Twitter @RonKillingsInstagram @TrueKofiTwitter @XavierWoodsPhDTwitter @WWEBigETwitter @CelesteBoninTwitter @CMPunkTwitter @WWEDillingerTwitter @RRWWETwitter @milanmiracleTwitter @TheShannonBrandTwitter @TheBethPhoenixTwitter @DaBlackPopeTwitter @TyroneEvansB20Twitter @JustinRobertsTwitter @realboogeyTwitter @BookerT5xTwitter @GottaGetSwannTwitter @notsam
Renee Young is interviewing Shinsuke Nakamura about his situation with Jeff Hardy & how Randy Orton and him attacked Hardy. R-Truth and Tye Dillinger interrupt the interview and Truth says to Nakamura that he wants to fight him at Summerslam for the U.S. title. Nakamura asks him how he's gonna do that, Truth says he's gonna do it the same way anyone else does it, by pinning Carmella.Twitter @RonKillingsInstagram @TrueKofiTwitter @XavierWoodsPhDTwitter @WWEBigETwitter @CelesteBoninTwitter @CMPunkTwitter @WWEDillingerTwitter @RRWWETwitter @milanmiracleTwitter @TheShannonBrandTwitter @TheBethPhoenixTwitter @DaBlackPopeTwitter @TyroneEvansB20Twitter @JustinRobertsTwitter @realboogeyTwitter @BookerT5xTwitter @GottaGetSwannTwitter @notsam
Jimmy and Jey Uso lost to The Bar last week on WWE Smackdown Live, Sheamus pinned Jey Uso for the winTwitter @WWEUsosTwitter @TheREALRIKISHITwitter @TheRockTwitter @WWERomanReignsTwitter @lanceanoaiTwitter @savatekickTwitter @NiaJaxWWETwitter @TaminaSnukaTwitter @TangaloaNJPWTwitter @Tama_TongaTwitter @Hiku_LeoTwitter @SamoaJoeTwitter @NaomiWWE
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