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Jeanette Crista savage , Johnson city ny
Jeanette c savage , Johnson city
Kolton Denham, Larime Wy
Bbbbbbb Brie Mooode
Isn't Brie supposed to be having a baby soon
John Cena's been holding down the fort for ten plus years, won all the belts...all of them...been in movies and ish he's the man
John Cena and that first song he had when he was the Thugenomics Cena was effing cool, word life this is basic *squeaks record* this is basic thugenomics, he's new ones dope too though....your time is up my time is now, you can't see me my time is now *hoists opponent on shoulders and gives them an attitude adjustment* you can't see me
I carry my life around with me in a see through bag and you got the effin nerve to ask me why the eff I'm mad, different shades of different faces I see up in the crowd it's those same a** fools that say my minds in the clouds...Rey Mysterio's homie Mad One and that song Psyko was and is the ish...classic
Mexicans bouncing, turning, buying ounces straight up burning, eff what you're earning hit the switch, lift the ride here go the t**s now watch sparks fly, off the spray paint, beat in the trunk that vibrates, player don't hate pump the breaks, eyes on the low low, bounce up and down eff popo in an LTD 4 door. Let your guts hang, some gang bang, some bang bang shoot them up with the thing thing. Sometimes we ball, sometimes we fall, do what it takes just to get it all. The hunnies love money and the candy paint, and the diamond rings that shine like metal plates, to be more specific, materialistic, she likes to lick it before you're stickyMad One ft. Filthy Animals-Reason...this was Rey Mysterio's theme song back in WCW...classic
Tyson Kidd and Nataylia Neidhart have been dating ever since their school days and have been married since 2013.Http://
I'm liking the rivalry with Natayla and Nikki on Smackdown, both women are very talented and clearly love what they do so much respect to them and best of luck to them both in their futures and to the entire Hart family past and present, and again rest in peace to Owen HartHttp://
Natayla Katherine Neidhart-Wilson is married to Theodore James Wilson aka Tyson Kidd. They've been married since 2013 and currently do not have any children. They both are from Calgary Alberta Canada but currently live in Tampa Florida where they've lived for some time now. They were childhood friends and boyfriend and girlfriend since middle or high school I believe. Her father is Jim The Anvil Neidhart and her mom is Elizabeth Hart aka Bret Harts sister so of course Bret Hart is Natayla's uncle and Owen Hart was her uncle, rest in peace to him.Http://
You've got no chance du dunna dun dun, no chance in hell. Vince is great WWE is great let's make it greater keep doing your thing Vince and Linda and next up is the cerebral assassin Stephanie and Shane O'Mac hell yeaHttp://
Vincent Kennedy McMahon has been married to Linda Marie McMahon since 1966. They've got two kids together, Shane Brandon McMahon, and Stephanie Marie McMahon. Triple H would be married to Stephanie McMahon and that would mean he's the son in law to Vince and Linda and the brother in law to Shane O'Mac. Http://
It's unfortunate that Drew didn't get to win the world championship during his time in WWE. But at least he won it on Impact Wrestling which was cool it was a good run for him, now I hear he's doing his thing in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla which is cool so good for him oh and um 3MB baybayHttp://
Drew McIntyre was married to Taryn Terrell from 2010-2011. Currently he's married to Kaitlyn Frohnapfel, they married in 2016.Http://
Stephen, if you're going to be anon, try to be more SUBTLE. "LUL" doesn't exist. BTW how are you and Charlotte pissing off Twitter with the storyline? It's epic AF.
Brodus Clay in a relationship? I have no idea, I haven't heard too much about his life outside of wrestling, and speaking of wrestling where has he been. I know he's on Impact Wrestling but I haven't seen him wrestling in a while hopefully ish is all good with himHttp://
Sin Cara Negro aka Hunico for WWE cruiserweight champ! I wanna see that happen...and him and Kalisto Lucha Dragons return some time down the road...soon though Http://
Sin Cara Negro aka Hunico for cruiserweight champ!. I'd wanna see him return under his Hunico persona him with that pimped out biscicleta riding down to the ring was classic Http://
It's unfortunate that Del Rio's recent WWE run is over. I would've wanted to see him regain the world title a few times, he's always been a dedicated and great worker. Hopefully WWE and Del Rio parted ways on good terms, Del Rio is currently with Impact Wrestling where he's the current world champion and hopefully he does great things there if that's where he wants to be in the long run. A Latino champion viva Del RioHttp://
Alberto Del Rio is married to a woman named Angela Velkei, but they're seoerated and currently going through a divorce. He's currently dating Paige from WWE and they're said to be engaged.Http://
Goldust is good, I remember when he first debut with that character in WWE/F I was like damn this ish is wild/funny/entertaining/good. The way he got into the heads of his opponents, dude was and still is an amazing talent just like his dad was and his brother is. He also seems like a really chill person in real life. I remember is WCW days when he had the cowboyish type gimmick and then his time on Impact Wrestling as Black Reign when he had that little rat in his bag and would intimidate his opponents with it, he should bring that character back but in WWE since that's where he's at now, that is if that names not copy written. I'm liking his teaming up with R-Truth and hopefully they're a successful tag team and hopefully they eventually win the Raw tag titles both deserve itHttp://
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