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Is PJ Black gonna capture the Lucha Underground world heavyweight championship?? Is the darewolf gonna complete that task before 2018 is up? I sure would like to see that belt around his deserving waist that's for sure, that would make me a happy camper without a doubt.Twitter @darewolf333Twitter @TheRealMorrisonTwitter @TheTayaValkyrieTwitter @JackEvans711Twitter @galiciasandy1
PJ Black or Justin Gabriel whiveher you wanna call him or whichever he wants to go by it's all good, the fact of the matter is he's the best professional wrestler in the entire wolrd. He was part of the reason why Nexus and The Corre were so great, seeing his charisma and athleticism within the group was so amazing, he was like a wolf ok the hunt for it's prey when he stepped in that ring, and he was so daring with all of those high risk maneuvers he would do, I see why they call him the darewolf, I completely see it. His group with Johnny Mundo/Johnny Impact, Jack Evans, and Taya Valkyrie will forever be the greatest faction in all of professional wrestling history without a doubt.Twitter @darewolf333Twitter @RealJackSwaggerTwitter @TheRealMorrisonTwitter @RealMelinaTwitter @TheTayaValkyrieTwitter @JackEvans711Twitter @galiciasandy1Twitter @ReyFenixMXTwitter @PentagonJuniorTwitter @PENTAELZEROMTwitter @hijodelfantasmaTwitter @aaaerostar1Twitter @mexwarriorTwitter @SuperMexCTMTwitter @MilMuertrs_LUTwitter @ElTexanoJrTwitter @sammyguevaraTwitter @DragoAAATwitter @Daga_wrestlerTwitter @WagnerJrOficialTwitter @LondonFuTwitter @DragonAztecaJrTwitter @KarleeLeilaniTwitter @thunderrosa22Twitter @ImChelseaGreenTwitter @StricklandShaneTwitter @Willie_MackTwitter @GodfreyComedianTwitter @RealJeffCobbTwitter @vampiro_vampiroTwitter @Matt_Striker_Twitter @MrGMSI_BCageTwitter @ThisIsMelSantosTwitter @MDoggMattCrossTwitter @THETOMMYDREAMERTwitter @JoeyRyanOnline
I'm so glad to see Jack Swagger back on my TV screen, he was so great in WWE and when he left I was like oh no oooo, I remember when he would walk down the isle while Zeb Colter would roll down the isle and when they would do their we the people chant while both of their hands were planted firmly on their chest, now I'm glad to see him in Lucha Underground where I just know he will dominate and I wanna see him win the Lucha Underground world heavyweight championshipTwitter @RealJackSwaggerTwitter @TheRealMorrisonTwitter @RealMelinaTwitter @TheTayaValkyrieTwitter @JackEvans711Twitter @galiciasandy1Twitter @darewolf333Twitter @ReyFenixMXTwitter @PentagonJuniorTwitter @PENTAELZEROMTwitter @hijodelfantasmaTwitter @aaaerostar1Twitter @mexwarriorTwitter @SuperMexCTMTwitter @MilMuertrs_LUTwitter @ElTexanoJrTwitter @sammyguevaraTwitter @DragoAAATwitter @Daga_wrestlerTwitter @WagnerJrOficialTwitter @LondonFuTwitter @DragonAztecaJrTwitter @KarleeLeilaniTwitter @thunderrosa22Twitter @ImChelseaGreenTwitter @StricklandShaneTwitter @Willie_MackTwitter @GodfreyComedianTwitter @RealJeffCobbTwitter @vampiro_vampiroTwitter @Matt_Striker_Twitter @MrGMSI_BCageTwitter @ThisIsMelSantosTwitter @MDoggMattCrossTwitter @THETOMMYDREAMERTwitter @JoeyRyanOnline
Johnny Impact is the reason I tune in to Impact Wrestling every Thursday(at 8Pm on Pop Tv *wink wink*)Twitter @TheRealMorrisonTwitter @RealMelinaTwitter @TheTayaValkyrieTwitter @JackEvans711Twitter @galiciasandy1Twitter @darewolf333Twitter @ReyFenixMXTwitter @PentagonJuniorTwitter @PENTAELZEROMTwitter @hijodelfantasmaTwitter @aaaerostar1Twitter @mexwarriorTwitter @SuperMexCTMTwitter @MilMuertrs_LUTwitter @ElTexanoJrTwitter @sammyguevaraTwitter @DragoAAATwitter @Daga_wrestlerTwitter @WagnerJrOficialTwitter @LondonFuTwitter @DragonAztecaJrTwitter @KarleeLeilaniTwitter @thunderrosa22Twitter @ImChelseaGreenTwitter @StricklandShaneTwitter @Willie_MackTwitter @GodfreyComedianTwitter @RealJeffCobbTwitter @vampiro_vampiroTwitter @Matt_Striker_Twitter @MrGMSI_BCageTwitter @ThisIsMelSantosTwitter @RealJackSwaggerTwitter @MDoggMattCrossTwitter @THETOMMYDREAMERTwitter @JoeyRyanOnline
On the WWE Network(for just 9.99) the world's greatest three man faction, the 3MB...wait wait, 3 & a half man band(Hornswoggle was a late edition) I should say the greatest 3 and a half man group are viewing one of the best rivalries in WWE history, Él Torito vs Hornswoggle, they'll be talking about their WEELC match that they had a few years ago, this is so amazing, I know what I'll be doing after I'm done typing up all of this, and that is watching that epic fightTwitter @HeathSlaterOMRBTwitter @JinderMahalTwitter @DMcIntyreWWETwitter @wwehornswoggleTwitter @HEELZigglerTwitter @reymysterioTwitter @ 35_DominikTwitter @PRINCESS_AALYAHTwitter @Konnan5150Twitter @DiamanteLAXTwitter @SantanaLAXTwitter @Ortiz5150Twitter @MadKing1981Twitter @OneWorldWarriorTwitter @AmazingRed1Twitter @ReyFenixMXTwitter @PentagonJuniorTwitter @PENTAELZEROMTwitter @hijodelfantasmaTwitter @PrideOfMexicoTwitter @Bestia666tjTwitter @GarzaaJrTwitter @mexwarriorTwitter @JUVENTUDGUERRE2Twitter @PsicosisOficialTwitter @IslasSupercrazyTwitter @SuperMexCTMTwitter @LuchadorLDTwitter @AndradeCienWWETwitter @Zelina_VegaWWETwitter @KalistoWWETwitter @WWEGranMetalikTwitter @SinCaraWWETwitter @caristicomxTwitter @sammyguevaraTwitter @SexydulcegTwitter @ElTexanoJrTwitter @daddy_yankeeTwitter @BodyguylitoTwitter @HijoDeDosCarasTwitter @MILMASCARASREALTwitter @The305MVPTwitter @RonKillingsTwitter @WaleTwitter @Willie_MackTwitter @TheRealDiscoTwitter @WWEKidmanTwitter @IAmJerichoInstagram:CideOutlaw5150 Instagram:psicosisodicial
Tonight on WWE Monday Night Raw Drew McIntyre walked out and interrupted Kurt Angle, Paul Heyman, Roman Reigns, and Bobby Lashley and he said that he didn't come to WWE to be in the shadows of Dolph Ziggler. He said his first goal was to help Ziggler win the intercontinental title and he will ensure that he keeps it, and his other goal is to win the Universal title. McIntyre lost the thriple threat against Roman Reigns and Finn Balor.Twitter @DMcIntyreWWETwitter @HEELZigglerTwitter @HeathSlaterOMRBTwitter @JinderMahalTwitter @reymysterioTwitter @ 35_DominikTwitter @PRINCESS_AALYAHTwitter @Konnan5150Twitter @DiamanteLAXTwitter @SantanaLAXTwitter @Ortiz5150Twitter @MadKing1981Twitter @OneWorldWarriorTwitter @AmazingRed1Twitter @ReyFenixMXTwitter @PentagonJuniorTwitter @PENTAELZEROMTwitter @hijodelfantasmaTwitter @PrideOfMexicoTwitter @Bestia666tjTwitter @GarzaaJrTwitter @mexwarriorTwitter @JUVENTUDGUERRE2Twitter @PsicosisOficialTwitter @IslasSupercrazyTwitter @SuperMexCTMTwitter @LuchadorLDTwitter @AndradeCienWWETwitter @Zelina_VegaWWETwitter @KalistoWWETwitter @WWEGranMetalikTwitter @SinCaraWWETwitter @caristicomxTwitter @sammyguevaraTwitter @SexydulcegTwitter @ElTexanoJrTwitter @daddy_yankeeTwitter @BodyguylitoTwitter @HijoDeDosCarasTwitter @MILMASCARASREALTwitter @The305MVPTwitter @RonKillingsTwitter @WaleTwitter @Willie_MackTwitter @TheRealDiscoTwitter @WWEKidmanTwitter @IAmJerichoInstagram:CideOutlaw5150 Instagram:psicosisodicial
Tonight on WWE Monday Night Raw in Buffalo New York after the fight Sasha Banks and Bayley are talking backstage and Bayley asks Banks what's wrong and Banks admits that she cares about her and that she's always cared about her and that she will always care about her and it seems like they may have made up after all these months, but who knows Twitter @AliciaFoxyTwitter @SashaBanksWWETwitter @itsBayleyWWETwitter @DanaBrookeWWETwitter @StephMcMahonTwitter @AlexaBliss_WWETwitter @WWEEmberMoonTwitter @YaOnlyLivvOnceTwitter @MickieJamesTwitter @NatbyNatureTwitter @NiaJaxWWETwitter @RondaRouseyTwitter @RubyRiottWWETwitter @sarahloganwweTwitter @MariaLKanellisTwitter @WWEAsukaTwitter @BeckyLynchWWETwitter @BillieKayWWETwitter @CarmellaWWETwitter @MsCharlotteWWETwitter @LanaWWETwitter @WWE_MandyRoseTwitter @NaomiWWETwitter @BellaTwinsTwitter @PeytonRoyceWWETwitter @SonyaDevilleWWETwitter @TaminaSnukaTwitter @MaryseMizaninTwitter @RealPaigeWWETwitter @Zelina_VegaWWE
Tonight on WWE Monday Night Raw in Buffalo New York Kurt Angle and Bayley are backstage talking about her and Sasha Banks incident. Angle says that if they can't get over their situation then one of them will be drafted to Smackdown Live. Sasha Banks and Bayley team up to fight against Alicia Fox and Dana Brooke and nobody wins the fight because Sasha Banks gets herself and Bayley disqualified. Banks walks away from the fight, she walks backstage and Bayley is on the ground staring at her wondering what happened.Twitter @AliciaFoxyTwitter @SashaBanksWWETwitter @itsBayleyWWETwitter @DanaBrookeWWETwitter @StephMcMahonTwitter @AlexaBliss_WWETwitter @WWEEmberMoonTwitter @YaOnlyLivvOnceTwitter @MickieJamesTwitter @NatbyNatureTwitter @NiaJaxWWETwitter @RondaRouseyTwitter @RubyRiottWWETwitter @sarahloganwweTwitter @MariaLKanellisTwitter @WWEAsukaTwitter @BeckyLynchWWETwitter @BillieKayWWETwitter @CarmellaWWETwitter @MsCharlotteWWETwitter @LanaWWETwitter @WWE_MandyRoseTwitter @NaomiWWETwitter @BellaTwinsTwitter @PeytonRoyceWWETwitter @SonyaDevilleWWETwitter @TaminaSnukaTwitter @MaryseMizaninTwitter @RealPaigeWWETwitter @Zelina_VegaWWE
Dolph Ziggler is the current intercontinental champion. Tonight on WWE Monday Night Raw Dolph Zigler is seen backstage polishing off his intercontinental title and he's ready to fight in a match, he beat Seth Rollins at last night's Extreme Rules in a 30min Iron Man match therefore he retained the intercontinental title.
Booker T was the greatest Smackdown GM of all time, if he would ever to return as GM whether it were to be on RAW or SDL I could definitely dig that Twitter @BookerT5xTwitter @RealStevieRayTwitter @RealSharmellTwitter @RealKevinNashTwitter @SCOTTHALLNWOTwitter @ShawnMichaelsTwitter @TripleHTwitter @TheRealXPacTwitter @StephMcMahonTwitter @shanemcmahonTwitter @VinceMcMahonTwitter @Linda_McMahonTwitter @SBALindaTwitter @VickieGuerreoTwitter @shaulygTwitter @mexwarriorTwitter @WWEDramaKingTwitter @reymysterioTwitter @ 35_DominikTwitter @PRINCESS_AALYAHTwitter @Konnan5150Twitter @DiamanteLAXTwitter @SantanaLAXTwitter @Ortiz5150Twitter @MadKing1981Twitter @OneWorldWarriorTwitter @AmazingRed1Twitter @ReyFenixMXTwitter @PentagonJuniorTwitter @PENTAELZEROMTwitter @hijodelfantasmaTwitter @PrideOfMexicoTwitter @Bestia666tjTwitter @GarzaaJrTwitter @fluffyguyTwitter @JUVENTUDGUERRE2Twitter @PsicosisOficialTwitter @IslasSupercrazyTwitter @SuperMexCTMTwitter @LuchadorLDTwitter @AndradeCienWWETwitter @Zelina_VegaWWETwitter @KalistoWWETwitter @1stladyluchaTwitter @WWEGranMetalikTwitter @SinCaraWWETwitter @caristicomxTwitter @sammyguevaraTwitter @SexydulcegTwitter @ElTexanoJrTwitter @daddy_yankeeTwitter @BodyguylitoTwitter @HijoDeDosCarasTwitter @MILMASCARASREALTwitter @The305MVPTwitter @RonKillingsTwitter @WaleTwitter @Willie_MackTwitter @TheRealDiscoTwitter @WWEKidmanTwitter @IAmJerichoInstagram:CideOutlaw5150 Instagram:psicosisodicial
Will Big Sexy Kevin Nash be apart of any downloadable pack in WWE 2K19?? that would be too sweet if all members of The Klique were apart of a sownloadable packapge, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, X-Pac, Shawn Michaels, and Triple H with their Klique attireTwitter @RealKevinNashTwitter @SCOTTHALLNWOTwitter @ShawnMichaelsTwitter @TripleHTwitter @TheRealXPacTwitter @StephMcMahonTwitter @shanemcmahonTwitter @VinceMcMahonTwitter @Linda_McMahonTwitter @SBALindaTwitter @VickieGuerreoTwitter @shaulygTwitter @mexwarriorTwitter @WWEDramaKingTwitter @reymysterioTwitter @ 35_DominikTwitter @PRINCESS_AALYAHTwitter @Konnan5150Twitter @DiamanteLAXTwitter @SantanaLAXTwitter @Ortiz5150Twitter @MadKing1981Twitter @OneWorldWarriorTwitter @AmazingRed1Twitter @ReyFenixMXTwitter @PentagonJuniorTwitter @PENTAELZEROMTwitter @hijodelfantasmaTwitter @PrideOfMexicoTwitter @Bestia666tjTwitter @GarzaaJrTwitter @fluffyguyTwitter @JUVENTUDGUERRE2Twitter @PsicosisOficialTwitter @IslasSupercrazyTwitter @SuperMexCTMTwitter @LuchadorLDTwitter @AndradeCienWWETwitter @Zelina_VegaWWETwitter @KalistoWWETwitter @1stladyluchaTwitter @WWEGranMetalikTwitter @SinCaraWWETwitter @caristicomxTwitter @sammyguevaraTwitter @SexydulcegTwitter @ElTexanoJrTwitter @daddy_yankeeTwitter @BodyguylitoTwitter @HijoDeDosCarasTwitter @MILMASCARASREALTwitter @The305MVPTwitter @RonKillingsTwitter @WaleTwitter @Willie_MackTwitter @TheRealDiscoTwitter @WWEKidmanTwitter @IAmJerichoInstagram:CideOutlaw5150 Instagram:psicosisodicial
Excuuuuuuuuuuse Me!!!!! I just wanna know if Vickie Guerrero is gonna apart of the downloadable package in the WWE 2K19 video game? I said Excuuuuuuuuuuuse Me!!!! I really would enjoy seeing her as apart of the downloadable package in the WWE 2K19 video game because that would make me wanna buy it even more, just knowing that she would be in it then I could play as her and have her be the GM and she could walk around saying excuuuuuuse me! And will there be a mud match in the video game like the one Vickie and Steph had(greatest match of all time might I add)Twitter @VickieGuerreoTwitter @shaulygTwitter @mexwarriorTwitter @WWEDramaKingTwitter @reymysterioTwitter @ 35_DominikTwitter @PRINCESS_AALYAHTwitter @Konnan5150Twitter @DiamanteLAXTwitter @SantanaLAXTwitter @Ortiz5150Twitter @MadKing1981Twitter @OneWorldWarriorTwitter @AmazingRed1Twitter @ReyFenixMXTwitter @PentagonJuniorTwitter @PENTAELZEROMTwitter @hijodelfantasmaTwitter @PrideOfMexicoTwitter @Bestia666tjTwitter @GarzaaJrTwitter @fluffyguyTwitter @JUVENTUDGUERRE2Twitter @PsicosisOficialTwitter @IslasSupercrazyTwitter @SuperMexCTMTwitter @LuchadorLDTwitter @AndradeCienWWETwitter @Zelina_VegaWWETwitter @KalistoWWETwitter @1stladyluchaTwitter @WWEGranMetalikTwitter @SinCaraWWETwitter @caristicomxTwitter @sammyguevaraTwitter @SexydulcegTwitter @ElTexanoJrTwitter @daddy_yankeeTwitter @BodyguylitoTwitter @HijoDeDosCarasTwitter @MILMASCARASREALTwitter @The305MVPTwitter @RonKillingsTwitter @WaleTwitter @Willie_MackTwitter @TheRealDiscoTwitter @WWEKidmanTwitter @IAmJerichoInstagram:CideOutlaw5150 Instagram:psicosisodicial
Tyson Kidd is my favorite kid or shall I say Kidd in professional wrestling right next to 123 aka X-Pac aka Syxx Pac aka Sean Waltman. I could just imagine with a bright smile on my face if they ever were to have teamed up together what would they call their selves??? Kid N Kidd or vice versa? Now that would've been a tag team I would've really gotten behind, that would be a tag team that I would be rooting for to win the tag team belts and told on to them foreverTwitter @TJWilsonTwitter @NatbyNatureTwitter @DBSmithjrTwitter @BretHartTwitter @reymysterioTwitter @ 35_DominikTwitter @PRINCESS_AALYAHTwitter @Konnan5150Twitter @DiamanteLAXTwitter @SantanaLAXTwitter @Ortiz5150Twitter @MadKing1981Twitter @OneWorldWarriorTwitter @AmazingRed1Twitter @ReyFenixMXTwitter @PentagonJuniorTwitter @PENTAELZEROMTwitter @hijodelfantasmaTwitter @PrideOfMexicoTwitter @Bestia666tjTwitter @GarzaaJrTwitter @fluffyguyTwitter @JUVENTUDGUERRE2Twitter @PsicosisOficialTwitter @IslasSupercrazyTwitter @SuperMexCTMTwitter @LuchadorLDTwitter @AndradeCienWWETwitter @Zelina_VegaWWETwitter @KalistoWWETwitter @1stladyluchaTwitter @WWEGranMetalikTwitter @SinCaraWWETwitter @caristicomxTwitter @sammyguevaraTwitter @SexydulcegTwitter @ElTexanoJrTwitter @daddy_yankeeTwitter @BodyguylitoTwitter @HijoDeDosCarasTwitter @MILMASCARASREALTwitter @The305MVPTwitter @RonKillingsTwitter @WaleTwitter @Willie_MackTwitter @TheRealDiscoTwitter @WWEKidmanTwitter @IAmJerichoInstagram:CideOutlaw5150 Instagram:psicosisodicial
The Uso's is a tag team they Jey Uso has been apart of with his brother Jimmy since day one, like their song says "down since day one ish, we've been down since day one ish" and so on and so forth. The Samoan Bloodline or simply known as The Bloodline was/is a faction they were and will always be apart of because it was/is with their blood cousin Roman Reigns.Twitter @WWEUsosTwitter @TheREALRIKISHITwitter @TheRockTwitter @WWERomanReignsTwitter @lanceanoaiTwitter @savatekickTwitter @NiaJaxWWETwitter @TaminaSnukaTwitter @TangaloaNJPWTwitter @Tama_TongaTwitter @Hiku_LeoTwitter @SamoaJoeTwitter @NaomiWWE
Uso's fam and friends:Twitter @WWEUsosTwitter @TheREALRIKISHITwitter @TheRockTwitter @WWERomanReignsTwitter @lanceanoaiTwitter @savatekickTwitter @NiaJaxWWETwitter @TaminaSnukaTwitter @TangaloaNJPWTwitter @Tama_TongaTwitter @Hiku_LeoTwitter @SamoaJoeTwitter @NaomiWWE
Welcome to the Uso's penitentiary! Uso's for WWE champ! They're already 5x tag team champs now it's time for the WWE title!Twitter @WWEUsosTwitter @TheREALRIKISHITwitter @TheRockTwitter @WWERomanReignsTwitter @lanceanoaiTwitter @savatekickTwitter @NiaJaxWWETwitter @TaminaSnukaTwitter @TangaloaNJPWTwitter @Tama_TongaTwitter @Hiku_LeoTwitter @SamoaJoe
Triple H has had some of the best theme songs in all of WWE
Tamina Snuka is one of the best female wrestlers today. When will she become WWE women's champion? That's what I wanna see, I wanna see the women's championship around her waist because she deserves it, she's a good wrestler and a good person inside and outside of that ring, her face expressions are awesome that stare she does you know when she raises her eyebrow up, that I'll call it Snuka stare that she does, it's great, she doesn't even have to talk she can just do that Snuka stare and you already know when she does that she means business, you already know when she does that that someone or some thing is gonna get super kicked and they're gonna be down for the Superfly Splash and theyre gonna get pinned down to the mat one two three ladies and gentlemen Tamina Snuka is your winner, she's a great mom too!! Tamina you're great and I'm rooting for you to win that women's championship between this year or early next year I'm looking forward to seeing you do those super kicks and to seeing you do the Superfly Splash again.....we want Tamina *clap clap clap clap clap* we want Tamina.....awwwwwww yeah!!!
Tyson Kidd for WWE HOF class of 2019!!!
If only Del Rio had joined LAX then I could've possibly heard the crossing of LAX's theme song with his Impact Wrestling theme song, aka two of the greatest theme songs in all of professional wrestling
John Morrison used to date Melina and now he's married to TayaTwitter @TheRealMorrisonTwitter @RealMelinaTwitter @TheTayaValkyrie
Remember when WWE 2K19 first announced that Rey Jr would be apart of their downloadable content along with Ronda Rousey?? Remember the commercial that some of the WWE superstars did where they all had his mask on and then they took it off and they said something positive about him and then at the end of the commercial it was all "pre order WWE 2K19 now if you wanna get Mysterio as apart of the downloadable content" ?? Remember that? Will WWE ever have the Filthy Animals as apart of their downloadable content? You know Eddie Guerrero, Rey Mysterios, Kidman, big homie K-Perro? And you can't forget about the juciest one Juventud Guerrera or Disco Inferno or Torrie Wilson or Tygress if all of them were apart of WWE's downloadable content that would be so greatTwitter @reymysterioTwitter @ 35_DominikTwitter @PRINCESS_AALYAHTwitter @Konnan5150Twitter @DiamanteLAXTwitter @SantanaLAXTwitter @Ortiz5150Twitter @MadKing1981Twitter @OneWorldWarriorTwitter @AmazingRed1Twitter @ReyFenixMXTwitter @PentagonJuniorTwitter @PENTAELZEROMTwitter @hijodelfantasmaTwitter @PrideOfMexicoTwitter @Bestia666tjTwitter @GarzaaJrTwitter @mexwarriorTwitter @JUVENTUDGUERRE2Twitter @PsicosisOficialTwitter @IslasSupercrazyTwitter @SuperMexCTMTwitter @LuchadorLDTwitter @AndradeCienWWETwitter @Zelina_VegaWWETwitter @KalistoWWETwitter @WWEGranMetalikTwitter @SinCaraWWETwitter @caristicomxTwitter @sammyguevaraTwitter @SexydulcegTwitter @ElTexanoJrTwitter @daddy_yankeeTwitter @BodyguylitoTwitter @HijoDeDosCarasTwitter @MILMASCARASREALTwitter @The305MVPTwitter @RonKillingsTwitter @WaleTwitter @Willie_MackTwitter @TheRealDiscoTwitter @WWEKidmanTwitter @IAmJerichoInstagram:CideOutlaw5150 Instagram:psicosisodicial
Mark Henry is not only the world's strongest man but he's the world's greatest professional wrestler of all time as well as the world's greatest WWE world heavyweight champion. It's great to see Henry in the WWE HOF and next I would like to see his salmon jacket in the WWE HOF, the same salmon jacket that he wore in his feud with John Cena, when he pretended that he was gonna be retiring only to attack Cena later on in the segment.....good times, good times Twitter @JohnCenaTwitter @BellaTwinsTwitter @Total_BellasTwitter @THEvacationJJTwitter @WWEDanielBryanTwitter @reymysterioTwitter @ 35_DominikTwitter @PRINCESS_AALYAHTwitter @Konnan5150Twitter @DiamanteLAXTwitter @SantanaLAXTwitter @Ortiz5150Twitter @MadKing1981Twitter @OneWorldWarriorTwitter @AmazingRed1Twitter @ReyFenixMXTwitter @PentagonJuniorTwitter @PENTAELZEROMTwitter @hijodelfantasmaTwitter @PrideOfMexicoTwitter @Bestia666tjTwitter @GarzaaJrTwitter @mexwarriorTwitter @JUVENTUDGUERRE2Twitter @PsicosisOficialTwitter @IslasSupercrazyTwitter @SuperMexCTMTwitter @LuchadorLDTwitter @AndradeCienWWETwitter @Zelina_VegaWWETwitter @KalistoWWETwitter @WWEGranMetalikTwitter @SinCaraWWETwitter @caristicomxTwitter @sammyguevaraTwitter @SexydulcegTwitter @ElTexanoJrTwitter @daddy_yankeeTwitter @BodyguylitoTwitter @HijoDeDosCarasTwitter @MILMASCARASREALTwitter @The305MVPTwitter @RonKillingsTwitter @WaleTwitter @Willie_MackTwitter @TheRealDiscoTwitter @WWEKidmanTwitter @IAmJerichoInstagram:CideOutlaw5150 Instagram:psicosisodicial
Mark Jerrold Henry is a retired professional wrestler, American powerlifter, and Olympic weightlifter and a current actor. He's best known for his time spent in the WWE where he was simply known as Mark Henry. His father's name is Ernest Henry and his mother's name is Barbara Jean Henry. Mark Henry is married to Jana Henry and together they've got two children, their youngest child is their daughter named Joanna Henry, and their oldest child is their son named Jacob HenryTwitter @TheMarkHenryTwitter @TheRockTwitter @dlobrown75Twitter @JohnCenaTwitter @BellaTwinsTwitter @Total_BellasTwitter @THEvacationJJTwitter @WWEDanielBryanTwitter @reymysterioTwitter @ 35_DominikTwitter @PRINCESS_AALYAHTwitter @Konnan5150Twitter @DiamanteLAXTwitter @SantanaLAXTwitter @Ortiz5150Twitter @MadKing1981Twitter @OneWorldWarriorTwitter @AmazingRed1Twitter @ReyFenixMXTwitter @PentagonJuniorTwitter @PENTAELZEROMTwitter @hijodelfantasmaTwitter @PrideOfMexicoTwitter @Bestia666tjTwitter @GarzaaJrTwitter @mexwarriorTwitter @JUVENTUDGUERRE2Twitter @PsicosisOficialTwitter @IslasSupercrazyTwitter @SuperMexCTMTwitter @LuchadorLDTwitter @AndradeCienWWETwitter @Zelina_VegaWWETwitter @KalistoWWETwitter @WWEGranMetalikTwitter @SinCaraWWETwitter @caristicomxTwitter @sammyguevaraTwitter @SexydulcegTwitter @ElTexanoJrTwitter @daddy_yankeeTwitter @BodyguylitoTwitter @HijoDeDosCarasTwitter @MILMASCARASREALTwitter @The305MVPTwitter @RonKillingsTwitter @WaleTwitter @Willie_MackTwitter @TheRealDiscoTwitter @WWEKidmanTwitter @IAmJerichoInstagram:CideOutlaw5150 Instagram:psicosisodicial
Daniel Bryan was the best GM ever
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